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    A slightly modified NEW template Whats your Budget ______________________________Rs 00.00L Kms driven monthly _____________________________kms Bodyshell ______________________________________Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ MUV/Hybrid City/Highway split _______________________________ 00 : 00 Max No.of Passangers -_____________________ ______ Most of the time Boot space Importance - ______ ____________________High/Low/Medium Usage by - ______________________________________Student/Normal/Enthu/Lady/Old Ownership - ____________________________________City/ Outskirts Safety - ________________________________________High/Medium/anything Are you OK with pre-owned_______________________ Y / N Is Aftersale price an Imp. factor-___________________ Y / N OK with high maintainance-_______________________ Y / N Is Lower GC a problem-___________________________ Y / N How long you can wait- ___________________________ Softcorner'd Manufacturer - _______________________ Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Passenger Comfort @ mods, can you please change this Template in starting of this thread.