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    By looking at the new 7 seater launched recently , They are not even comfortable as 4 seaters ? Reason is to access 3rd row of seats they make the 2nd row of seats smaller Thinner Under thigh support squabs, The cars Height is low ,The seat is fixed lower from the floor making it uncomfortable ,And finally the rear seats are usefull only for the below 10 years of age ,So better to buy a Nissan sunny than Mobilio or Ertiga if you want to be more comfortable , please go thru the Autocar reviews its evident , Maruti Ertga Front seat with long Seat squab of 530mm Are more comfortable seats in front row than Honda Mobilio & even Audi Q7 , Giving verygood under thigh support. similarily maruti ertga 2nd row seats are comfortable with longerseat squab with best rear legroom than Mobilio . Imagine Audi Q7 with being very long car 2nd row seat squab & rear leg room is no where comparision with Ertiga So big car doesnt mean you have comfortable seats .