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    Hello everyone, I own a RE Classic 350 from last 9 months and have completed 6000 kms. on my odometer. Now i want to change the silencer of my bull (although the stock one looks cool) but the stock silencer didn't give the real "THUMP" of an Enfield. I want to know which silencer would be the best for my bullet Short bottle, Goldtsar or Megaphone. I went to dealership for checking the original Upswept one but it was nothing more than an eye candy! They also showed me an exact replacia of the upswept silencer which costs half and makes a loud voice(i hated that). As i am keen on the short bottle(b'coz of it's good sond qualiy), WOULD CHANGING SILENCER AFFECT MY BIKE'S PERFORMANCE & FUEL EFFICIENCY plus would it harm my engine in any of the ways?? Plz Help.
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    dude go to punjab ! they'll make it thump so loud that you'll wake up the whole neighbourhood
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    @ rssh, thank you very much for your advice. It was my first post over the ACI forum and was keen on changing my silencer but after a big research i reached to the decision of sticking up to my stock one! As this one is dipped with Nickle coating twice and also is anti corroded while the other available in market are just simply don't. Also this one has been constructed in Royal Enfield's R&D centre after a very long research and experimentation to increase performance and fuel efficiency. Also want to add that i live in Rohtak, Haryana! Sorry not a Aamchi Mumbaian!!! Thanx again for your valuable advice!