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    After the Shanghai debut pics i am kinda disappointed with these test mules majorly because of their stance. Look more like a hatch than a baby SUV. (Note the height comparo with the Camry)
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    Is this RX100 a worthy buy?

    Recently came across a decent RX100, 93 made. Asking rate is 38k. The bike is good in condition, can be used as it is. I almost fell for it, but most of my friends are saying its too costly. The bike will be FC on me paying the money. No comments on kms run, since we all know how easy it is to tamper with. I was on the outlook for a decent RX, but can't find anything decent, so really confused.
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    Me too posted the same thread just now. So, please merge both these threads.
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    Driving on Rainy Days

    One of the most common error I had found among the Indian Drivers are that they always switch on the Rear Fog Lamp unnecessarily. Most Importantly even the Manufacturers are not advising about its usage, i.e., Rear Fog Lamp should be turned on only in case of Fog or otherwise it will cause Glare to the Vehicle behind your Car. Further, nowadays, it is seen as Fashion among the Drivers to turn on the Hazard Flashers during Rainy Days under the impression of getting attention from others; resulting high Glare to other Vehicle users. I understand that, all these things are happening only due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, I request everyone to educate about the timing & usage of Fog Lamps & Hazard Flashers. Please do not use these things unnecessarily, especially on Rainy Days. Let's make our Road Safer for everyone.
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    In this post, we will compare Honda Amaze with Volkswagen Vento. Mileage: The engine of Vento is the same as of the Polo. The gear shifts are claimed by the company to be smoother than ever before and going by the standards, the mileage which the diesel Vento offers is decent enough at 16 kmpl in the city and 20 kmpl on the highway. The mileage as I said is good, but in a country that puts fuel efficiency as one of the major deciding criteria, good is sometimes just not good enough. Here the German loses out to the latest weapon in the Honda arsenal; the i-DTEC engine providing almost, a jaw-dropping 25 kilometers per liter. Power: The highly powerful engine of Volkswagen Vento lays out an impressive power of 105 bhp at 5250 rpmand a thumping torque of 153 Nm at 3800 rpm for the petrol engine and 250 Nm at 1500-2500 rpm for the diesel engine. The power of Amaze, I mean, whom we are kidding, we are talking about Honda, what was the last time, someone complained about an engine from Honda. The i-DTEC is a modern marvel and the power of Amaze is Amazing. The diesel variant of Amaze brings out a power of an impressive 98.6bhp at 3600rpm. The car reaches 100 km/hr in a mere 13 seconds. The way we like it (Pros and Cons): Honda Amaze: Pros: Beautifully designed, economical, best in class mileage, elegant interiors. Cons: Base petrol variants lack the basic safety features such as ABS, EBD and airbags. Volkswagen Vento: Pros: Spacious, Sporty and Stylish look. Cons: A few added features should be there to set it apart from others in the segment. The Verdict: When Honda made up its mind to roll the first set of wheels of Amaze, it had few issues related to it. Firstly, the cap on the diesel engine for subsidies put by the Government of India, kept at a maximum of 1.5 liter of engine volume, while Honda has been dealing with the 1.6 liter engines. Secondly, its latest outing on a sub- 4 meter platform was Brio, a Hatchback and wasn’t a very overwhelming car. Thirdly, Honda hadn’t made a diesel engine before. But, when it launched Amaze finally, it raised a lot of customers waiting for the launch so as to grab one of these economic luxury vehicles. As a vehicle Honda Amaze is certainly ahead of its contemporaries. It definitely has something new to offer in terms of power, performance, looks and the price too. If I have to take a decision and the price of a car is the remotest of the parameters of my decision making structure, Honda Amaze would be the one, I would choose.
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    Piaggio Vespa VX125 launched

    Italian two wheeler major Piaggio has added a new variant of its iconic Vespa scooter, the Vespa VX. The VX gets two new colours, bright pink and turquoise green. The VX also gets revised instruments, with a black dial, an optional beige seat and an extended chrome grab handle for the pillion. The button started Vespa VX is powered by the same four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine displacing 125cc and breathing through 3-valves. This engine is carburetted and maximum power remains 10.06bhp made at 7500rpm, with peak torque, 1.08kgm delivered at 6000rpm. -AutocarIndia.
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    Now, Honda is trying to enter and attack the ever ladies choice Scooty & now super successful Yamaha Ray in its turf. Priced at 44,200, its now the cheapest Honda Scooter and weights just 103kg. Engine is a straight lift from Activa slightly modified to provide 60KMPL. All in All, this looks like a Honda's version of Hero Honda Pleasure. Beige Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White, Alpha Red Metallic and Purple Metallic. Now its pretty clear that TVS is not only sleeping in bike segment, but also in Scooter segment. They should have woken up at Ray's entry, but they are yet to comeout with a powerful, all metal, compact scooter. http://www.autocarindia.com/News/346486,honda-launches-activa-i-scooter.aspx/2
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    Scoop pic: 2014 Indica Vista

    This is the first ever spyshot of the Indica Vista facelift and with the spyshot, Some details of the car including the changes are seen that the final product is expected to be like The 2014 Vista will be a major refresh for Tata Motors in terms of the design direction the automaker will take in the coming years. From the unmistakable smiley face we're so used to on Tata cars, major refreshes from Tata Motors will henceforth feature much more sharper stylistic jobs with the smile giving way to an aggressive snout of sorts. The 2014 Indica Vista will derive inspiration from the Tata Manza Hybrid that was showcased at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo. While the spyshot doesn't offer too many clues when it comes to the new design of the 2014 Vista Facelift, Here's what the 2014 Vista Facelift is expected to feature, Redesigned front grille New front bumper New Headlamps with a more pronounced flaring Turn indicators move back to the conventional position above the front wheel arches (Currently, the Vista has turn indicators positioned on the A-Pillar) The Dashboard is carried over from the new (current) Indica Vista D90 Tail gate is a redesigned item with a prominent dimple On the 2014 Indica Vista, the number plate will sits in the dimple, a-la-Figo's hatch lid New tail lamps Source: Team BHP
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    Scoop : New i10/i15 spotted

    Hyundai test mules spotted at Mum-Pune highway ,doing ARAI test (I saw officials with ARAI tags). The launch must be near may be dussera or in August . The interior had red-black shades which may be for European market and 15'' alloys 185 width
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    Road Tax

    We as Indian Citizens, has the liberty to travel across India in a Private Car registered in of the State. However, we still on some occasions had to face harassment from the RTO of another state, nowadays, mainly to Pay the Road Tax of respective state if you happen to stay back for more than a month in the neighboring state. Currently, the Road Tax ranges from 2 - 20% of Value of Vehicles among different states; so it is quite natural that, if a person has business interests in different states, he would take the registration in a state where the Taxes are low. In my view, the Current Road Tax Regime is altogether incorrect & it needs drastic changes. I think, the Road Tax has to be applied to the Diesel & Petrol Prices by charging not more than Rs.0.50 per litre of fuel. In this way, all the respective states where the Vehicle plies would get its own share of Road Tax & there would not be any issue with the Registration of Vehicles. Further, the Road Tax means a fee for the usage of roads; the more one uses, he has to pay more unlike the current regime. In this way, we may even be able to abolish a certain percentage of Toll roads. Please post your views.
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    Camry hybrid will cost around 40% more than petrol one, so the cost will be too high. But i think Toyota is anyway not eyeing volumes yet. They are working towards NEMMP 2020 and working with vendors to have high localisation of components. They see hybrid as a viable mass volume alternative to diesel in long run. Toyota being pioneer in hybrid technology will certainly give them that initial head start advantage.
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    First glimpse of 2014 S63 AMG 

    The S63 is expected to follow the same lines of the recently revealed E63 AMG with the power expected to come from a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 557bhp. The engine will be mated to the AMG ‘Speedshift’ seven-speed automatic transmission.
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    i think without major interior changes this car remains a taxi segment first love.
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    Ajit car crazy

    help on the new Audi Q7

    hajo guys, its been a long time i'm talking here.well,finally I've bought a suv, booked it on my birthday 28th May,finance and paperworks are done. Usually finances are handled by my dad. He told me its almost ready, we paid our 20.5 lacs, the rest amount the financer pay will pay by 2mrw or soon I guess. Well,I never even thought of this car when I walked to Audi Kolkata. They instantly made me comfy there and my dad after test driving at the very moment decided to get the Q7 without thinking. Also he gifted me that car on my bday. It is the top end cbu unit Navi pack+sunroof. Audi Kolkata has a special thing with us so me managed some huge discounts too. Now the queries. Hope to get the delivery within next month. 1. I heard somewhere Q7 had headlamp issues. They were insufficient for car this big. Dealer told me its sorted out and now the facelifted unit comes with adaptive headlamp. Is it so? 2. Is there any reliability issue? 3. What is top speed possible by this car? Spec sheet says 218kmph,but my friend in bombay drove it upto 230 almost. What is the exact thing?
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    Hello everyone, I am Mahesh. I am an assistant manager in Max Life Insurance. I am not that smart about cars but I surely love to test drive new ones and like to know more about them. That is why I signed in here. Looking forward to a nice time in this forum.
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    Forum Downtime

    Dear Users, You may have noticed the forum and the autocar website was not functioning for the past few days. We were facing some server difficulties and were working to fix the issues. As of now, the problems seem to have been sorted out. We regret the inconvinience caused. The support staff can be contacted anytime at forum@autocarindia.com. Regards, FRG FuelRunGod2007-12-03 14:35:38
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    DC Design has transformed a Nissan Sunny into a business class saloon like the Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8 with its Lounge Package. The Sunny doesn’t get any change to its exteriors except the Nissan logo being replaced with DCs on the front grille and the alloy wheels being borrowed from the Renault Scala. The cabin is customized in a 2+2 seating layout divided by the premium centre armrest with several optimization controls for the electronically adjustable seats. Red leather is used for the interior along with plush lounge like seats. The extensive use of light wooden finish is prominent at the doors, centre console and the dashboard. The driver seat features a large screen on the backside of the headrest for rear entertainment coupled with a small screen beneath it that apparently has an android based tab as the small logos are visible on the screen. The power windows switch on the doors are engraved in the door panels, however the driver door has the company fitted assembly. DC has done an extravagant job on the Nissan Sunny but a few things seem inappropriate like the position of the glass holder between the front seats is complete baloney, the black gear knob, sun visors and the rear seat-belts feels abandoned and out of the ambience. The complete customization is no less than what you can find in a premium sedan which costs around Rs. 50 lakhs plus. DC Designs has not announced the exact package cost yet but a hint given by them ‘comfort rivaling cars 10 times it’s price’ is enough to judge how exclusive it will be. -Motorbeam
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    Member Posts & Threads

    Of late I've been noticing, the forum is being flooded with a lot of frivilous posts and threads. And it is not only the new members but many active and old members who are also responsible. The least I expect from the members is to atleast do a search before they post up. There are so many similar threads and posts floating about the forum which makes the task of the support team harder everyday. Members are creating threads without even thinking. How does a car query end up in the bikes section is beyond me. I urge all the members to take time out before posting and creating new threads. From now on, please be informed, I will personally delete any post which I find unfit and non-value adding without any prior warning. Similar threads will not be merged, but deleted. Please help us keep this community clean and user friendly. Thanks. Regards, Autocar Forum Support TeamFuelRunGod2008-10-15 12:52:12
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    Special License

    Hello all, The Autocar Forum is growing by leaps and bounds since it started. I've always said that the forum is as good as the quality of its members and you are responsible for what we are today, so as a token of gratitude, I have created a special category for forum members who have provided us with brilliant posts and helped out many members with their problems. These select few members will now have a 'Special License' tag to their profile. They will have access to seperate section of the forum called 'Special License Holders Discussion Board' where they can exclusively have discussions. They will also be able to upload images and files directly to the forum and not via imageshack. The members who have been awarded the Special License are: durango_dude, anjan_c2007, 5u3zEr0 and speed. Cheers, FRGBornFree2012-05-22 09:57:53
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    Here is a brief guide which explains the basic functions and features of the Autocar India Forum. Active Topics You can view the latest topics which are in discussion by clicking on the Active Topics link located under the main header on the main page. After clicking on the active topics link, you can choose to view active topics based on a timeline which means that you can choose to view topics which have been active in the last hour, two hours and so on. Alternatively you can scroll to the bottom of the main page to view a rolling list of the latest topics. Posting New Topic/Poll You can find the New Topic & New Poll button at the bottom right corner of each index page of every category. However, users with a Learner License can not post in the market place section. They acquire that right once they cross 50 posts and acquire an Intermediate License. Posting Pictures You can use services like imageshack.us to post pictures on the forum. Kindly use thumbnails as not all users have broadband. 1. Go to imageshack.us. 2. Use the browse button to select the photo. 3. Check option to resize, use resize 320x240(for websites and email) 4. Click on Upload. 5. After uploading, you will get a set of links. Use the last link - Direct Link To Image. 6. Copy the link and paste in your post with the tag. 7. It should be entered as follows (remove the space in img and **) [ img ]**Direct Link To Image From Imageshack**[ /img ] Contact Us In case you are facing issues with the forum. Feel free to mail us at forum@autocarindia.com and we will be glad to assist you. Best regards, Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2009-03-28 14:21:44
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    Recognised Contributors

    Yes. The new tag is in recognition of your continued support for the Autocar Forum and the value your posts add to the ever growing knowledge of the members. Keep up the great work guys. More of you will be added to this elite group every now and then. So keep posting and congratulations! PS: We've crossed 100,000 posts. Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you from the Support Team. FRGFuelRunGod2010-01-24 09:23:09
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    As much as we all Love to drive in monsoon.... We also Loathe Streaks on Wind shield... and this story repeats every year.. After lot of Search on the net I have learned that an Ammonia based glass cleaner along with Micro fibre cloth and steel wool is the answer to it. Now please help me find this ammonia based glass cleaner and steel wool , Micro fibre cloth is available in market.. These products will actually polish the glass of you vehicle.. just like buffing and polishing your paint..
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    New Section - The Workshop

    Hello everyone, In light of increasing posts on queries about car problems, we've created a new section called 'The Workshop'. Here you can get all the answers to your car troubles and also general advice on upkeep and maintenance of your car. For car buying queries please use the AAA section. This move will make it easier to get the information the users might be looking for. Happy posting. FRG FuelRunGod2009-11-27 17:35:29
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    New bumper and bonnet design, rear bumper and integrated exhaust adds to muscles for E-Class.
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    Code Of Conduct

    The Autocar India Forum Staff is committed to providing quality of the highest level. The forum is meant for anything and everything automotive. In order to maintain the quality of content on board, you are requested to strictly adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Personal attacks of any kind on fellow members will NOT be tolerated. 2. No SMS/chat lingo is permitted. 3. Foul language will NOT be tolerated. Abusive photographs in any form are strictly prohibited. 4. Posting for the sake of increasing post count is best avoided. 5. As a member, when posting topics, it is expected that the topic is posted in the correct category along with an appropriate title which best describes the contents of the thread. 6. When posting articles, write-ups or pictures, the member must mention the source of the information. Credit has to be given where its due and a link to the original website has to be provided. The entire article may not be posted, instead a snippet can be posted on the forum and readers who want to read more can follow the link provided by the poster. 7. While posting pictures, please post thumbnails. Entire pictures are not allowed for posting. Resize image to 640x480. Use services like http://www.imageshack.us/ or http://www.photobucket.com/ or other such services. 8. Promotions for products & services is prohibited. 9. Before creating new threads, ensure that there isnt an existing thread on the same or similar topic. Use the search function for locating such threads. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the board will lead to issuance of warnings to concerned member(s). In case of repeated infractions, the member may also risk rights to post. A member will be given three warnings before being banned. The Admin and Moderator team reserve the right to ban a member if the infraction is of a very serious nature in which case no prior warning may be issued. Remember, the quality of the forum is as good as its members. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2009-02-19 14:24:22
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    honda dio

    i would like to know whether honda dio (the relaunched version) is worth buying for budget of 55k what is its mileage, engine,service, resale value ?
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    I know..Fabia production has been stopped in India by Skoda......a sad end to a wonderful and highly underrated car.(A bit like the palio).Still thought i'd post an ownership review!!!! It was in August 2011,My family's 800 was over 6 years old and the new Swift was just about to launch.It was time for a new addition in My Family!!! I went to a Maruti Dealership and test drove the new swift and boy i was spell bound until the point when the Dealer said the Waiting period for a petrol one would be almost 6 months.Also the price they quoted for my 800 was far too less than which i expected considering the fantastic condition it was in. And then one of my friends suggested me a SKODA.I laughed it off saying it would be way over budget for me(Was also skeptical after the things i had heard about ASS and costly spares).But he insisted i contact a skoda dealer and check out the fabia.My life was about to take a turn!!!! I called the dealer up and he was immediately ready to get the test drive car at my place.The test drive felt great...it was the first time i had driven a european car(My earlier exploits were limited to only Maruti,Hyundai and Tata) and boy it felt good.Then came the price. The price quoted to me for the Skoda Fabia Ambiente was lesser than the Swift Vxi. On enquiring about after sales service and price of parts the sales guy was pretty straightforward and told me there is no auto maker that can match the service made by Maruti but SKoda is trying to improve on its A.S.S After discussion with my Family (And going by my instinct...had fallen for this fabia and inspite of having heard a lot about poor A.S.S and other negative reviews about skoda) we decided this is the car best suited to our needs. I also considered i20/punto/polo before deciding on Fabia. In a few days i would be the Proud owner of a SKODA!!!! I sold my Maruti 800 individually at a price lesser than what i expected but better than what dealers quoted.It was with a Heavy heart that i parted with my First Love.... And then SKODA FABIA came into my life!!!!! My choice was the Ambiente 1.2 HTP petrol.THe reason for not choosing a diesel being my Running is not very high and diesel didnt make sense for a person with my type of usage.Another couple of things considered while buying Fabia was the comfort of getting in and out of vehicle (for my parents specially my dad having knee problems used to have a hard time getting in and out of the 800),Premium feel of vehicle(Seems to be a vehicle a segment above),Roomy and spacious interiors,Decent Boot Space and Fantastic to Drive(Guess all European cars are Driver's cars.) Now iv been driving Fabia since year or so and have clocked over 6800 kms on the Odo and so far its been good. Coming to the Specifications of Ambiente1.2 Engine Type:1.2 Petrol 3 cylinder engine. Max Power:75 PS Max Torque:110 @ 3750 rpm Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 ltrs Tyres: 175/70 R14 Apollo Acelere with Wheel caps Other Features Include:- Driver and Passenger Airbags(This feature has been discontinued by skoda for lower end models and is now present only on top of line variant) Front driver and passenger door Power Windows Illuminated glove box Height adjustment for Driver seat Four Speakers(2 front door and 2 tweeters) Rear air conditioning vents under front passenger seats Illuminated luggage compartment Height and Length adjustable steering wheel Height adjustable front seat belts. MY EXPERIENCE SO FAR... Exteriors & Design: No complaints really except for the lack of a defogger and rear washer/wiper.The skoda logo and grille looks dashing and car is really very well built.Personally i love the way the doors shut with a sweet thud!!. Interiors and Features:The interiors are very simple but functional.The quality of plastics on the dashboard are excellent and comparable to the ones used in SUPERB.It has what skoda calls onyx interiors which has beige interiors.It has got lots of cubby holes,cup holders in front as well as rear where you can keep your knick knacks. The illuminated glove-box feels nice and there is a storage compartment as well on dashboard which can be closed The gear knobs is one of my personal favorites. The boot space is one of the prime reasons for me to have chosen this car with 315 litres of boot space is one of the best in class. It also has a removable rear parcel tray with twin level adjustment.Leg space for rear passengers is decent. The height adjustable driver seat is also a nice feature.The positioning of the controls for headlights,wipers and indicators might take time getting used to considering they are place in a manner opposite to those generally found on Indian cars i.e. indicators,dipper on left and wiper controls on right which is vice versa on Marutis,Tatas etc.Engaging in reverse gear requires one to push the gear stalk down and slot it into first.(Felt a little awkward initially) Engine and Performance:The engine is a 3 pot ,1.2 litre petrol which is shared with the Polo.It has a75 PS power output which kinda feels low if you compare it with cars like Swift which has 87 Bhp.Torque is decent and can easily pull over steep inclines. On pressing the ignition the engine quite literally ROARS to life and sometimes the sound makes you wonder if this is a petrol or diesel.(If you ask me i just love this sound ....gives me an Adrenalin Rush!!!!) Engine is pretty responsive,Gear shift is slick and slots perfectly like a hot knife through butter Fuel efficiency: SO far on city gives me around 10-11 km with air con on and highways performance improves to around 15-16 Kmpl. Ride And Handling:Ride and handling is excellent.The car feels very heavy and is very stable and gives you a sense of confidence at high speeds.Car does well while navigating through corners as well.Suspension is also decent although horrible roads and mumbai potholes sometimes gets to you(Cant really blame the car for this!!!) After Sales Service: This is one area im sure everyone wants to know. Personally so far its been a pretty decent Experience for me.Had the initial 6 month warranty checkup done at Autobahn's service centre at Sewri.This centre is really small and you can have problems finding place to park and in general the space was really cramped.Customer lounge can be improved.In this checkup a normal checkup of oil levels were done. Also i had found that the car does not lock automatically after going over 20 km/h.I pointed this out to the service guy and he activated this setting for my car.No costs were incurred in this checkup. RATING 7/10 The first scheduled service was done a year after the purchase.This time i visited the state of art service centre at kurla as claimed by skoda.This was better than the sewri workshop with an improved customer lounge.You could see from the glass enclosure the work being carried out on your vehicle. This service involved Oil change for engine,Brake testing,servicing,Wheel alignment and balancing.The total cost of which came to around 8000/- RATING 7/10 (This could have been better if they had given me the car in time.Before reaching i had confirmed with service personnel that i would be waiting till service was complete and would be driving it away personally.I reached there around 11 am and was told i would get the car back by 5pm but it wasn't until 7:30 pm that i got back delivery. ) GOOD BITS: Illuminated Glove box useful to find things in dark. 315 litres of boot space(The new Dzire has 316 litres so not bad for a hatchback) Excellent Quality interiors,Spacious and Comfortable BAD BITS: Overdose of Beige(This is just another of my personal opinions ) and tends to get very dirty...Reason why i chose a darker shade for my seat covers. Engine is a bit noisy especially if you drive with the windows rolled down. The bonnet release lever is present on the passenger side..ideally it should be on driver's side(Once nearly had the panel below dashboard ripped off by a passenger when i asked for opening bonnet during a security check somewhere...guy mistook panel for bonnet release!!! ) Fuel efficiency could have been better(If you compare it with competitors) Accessories which are costly(Eg a single wiper blade cost me 500Rs!!! if you compare i used to get a pair for 300 for my 800...Well maybe im a little harsh here but still...... Power Windows button has come off on the passenger side. FINAL REVIEW. Overall it has been a good journey so far and hope it continues the way it is. Hope folks find this review helpful.Let me know your feedback on the
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    2014 Indica Vista Facelift

    The rendered image of the 2014 Indica Vista facelift is doing the rounds on the net. Here is one of the pictures I found on a popular forum on the internet. Here is the link to the entire article ---> http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/137563-team-bhp-exclusive-2014-tata-indica-vista-facelift-rendered.html What do you guys think ?
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    Great to be part of AUTOCAR

    Hi everyone, I am Rahul Pillai. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to cars and am hoping to buy a car a few days down the line... Hoping to get guidance from your eperience. Do forgive my noob-ish or annoying questions - I will have a lot of them! Great to know you guys!
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    Mr. Slym recently ran a contest through his Twitter handle @KarlSylm, asking fellow users what they expect the ‘Next Tata Car’ to be. He promised to invite the people with top ideas for a discussion and today he has the shortlist! The Managing Director of Tata Motors has identified 8 Twitter users as “top ideaters” who will be given an opportunity to put forth their ideas in front of the man himself. Sometimes, getting the inputs directly from the prospective customers and brand loyalists is way better than getting them from your dedicated team of market analyst -IAB I request ACI to take forward this thread to Tata's attention( being Numero Uno magazine in India, this should never be a big task) My Views on What Tata needs, 1. Get rid of that x-Mas tree tails first, it went out of style a decade ago. 2. Raised bonnet as in Safari gives manly look, whereas sloppy bonnet as in Indica looks outdated. 3. Design a Hatch in Beat-WagonR segment that should be as radical as Beat & as practical as Wagon R. 4. Make use of the 1L 3 Potter diesel showcased earlier into mini hatchback. 5. If possible, create a bi-turbo on upcoming Nano D's engine and plonk it into WagonR competitor. 6. An Ertiga rival on Manza's platform 7. A 4m Manza platform churning out MPV, CS, mini SUV 8. A premium, Mini Clubman like Long Hatch(4M) with reclining rear seats and an SUV derivative.
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    Honda Jazz will get relaunched late this or early next year and fill in the void which it has left. Old Honda Jazz was the best hatch in its time(must say much ahead of its time) was overpriced initially & lacked diesel. The Upcoming Jazz will be priced competively (Honda should have learnt its lesson by now), get 1.5 powerful & Efficient Diesel Engine and has got excellent CRV like front looks. So all in all, The most Spacious Hatch, The most FE Hatch(in its segment) The most Powerful Hatch(again in its segment) The most Sexy looking hatch. We can expect a SUV out of this Jazz anytime after its launch. All in all, I see a true Swift beater in this Jazz
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    Tyre upgrade for swift vdi.

    Hey guys! Need your help with the perfect tyre upsize for my new swift vdi. A friend of mine suggested that 195/65R15 is the ideal upsize for swift. The stock tyres have done 2k Kms. Also pls suggest a reliable dealer in delhi where i can exchange these.
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    Hi, I am looking to buy an SUV and have a budget of around 8-9 lacs. I had almost finalised buying a Duster owing to its proven performance and a number of awards but the imminent launch of Ford Ecosport has now confused me. On researching, I have found a number of pros and cons but I am not sure on which car to finalise. Here are my observations: Ford: The Ecosport boosts of an award winning petrol Ecoboost engine. But if I am getting an SUV, I should get a diesel engine, right? (My daily commute is around 40-45 km). The Ford does boast of a number of gadgets and a fresh design... Duster: Duster has a proved performance record and is capable of delivering. It has a wider rear space and more boot space (which is essential for my wife ). It has a classic and rugged look rather than the different Ford design.I have also read in a review that the diesel engine of the Duster is much better than the diesel one in Ecosport. I am a bit inclined towards buying Duster as a bigger rear space is more important to me. However, I would love to hear your suggestions / opinions and take an informed decision. Also, are the above observations correct? What other factors should I consider? Thanks.
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    Travelogue - Nawab-e-Shanti.

    ..this time it was planned. Dad was ready with some plan which I was completely unaware of. With 15 days left of my going back to Hyderabad and with the welcome shower of monsoon, we are out on roads, again. I was told that some sort of resort was pre booked in my absence and dad promised that it will be an experience that I never had. The packing started a day before and cameras were the top priority as we will experience a village like a village. So a village it was. Where? "About 150kms" How do we go ? "Easy, NH2 till Burdwan, then to a place called Bolpur" But we have already been to Bolpur !! "No, this isnt the Bolpur everyone visits, its beyond the reach of "Tagore" This was not the end of the trip. The plan was to reach a place called Murshidabad about 120km more from Bolpur where the last of the nawabs ruled in Bengal just before the British took control over bengal. (Yon can read about Bolpur and Murshidabad here http://www.bolpur-santiniketan.com/ and http://murshidabad.net/ )
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    Congratulations Vishnu.
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    Datsun to display Go hatchback in 90 cities Buyers across India can now see, touch and feel of the yet-to-be launched Datsun Go. Since it was officially revealed in July, the general public has only seen Datsun’s Go hatchback only in pictures and online videos. Now, they will be able to see, touch and get a feel of the yet-to-be-launched Go hatchback. Datsun will be showcasing its Go in more than 90 cities across the country as a part of its pan-India road show. The ‘Datsun Go Roadshow’ will kick off on 14th December, 2014 in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi and will eventually spread across other major cities in India. The pan-India roadshow will help Datsun take the Go hatchback closer to its customer base before its launch, thereby generating interest among prospective buyers. And it will also help the carmaker gauge public response across cities and get feedback from prospective buyers. "Dream, Access and Trust constitute the three pillars of the Datsun brand and we wish to highlight each one of them by showcasing the all-new Go to our customers. The Go promises to fulfill the aspirations of the Indian car buyers with its attractive price proposition. We wish to become a household name in India and reaching out to our customers is the first step towards it," said Kenichiro Yomura, president of Nissan’s India operations. (Autocar India)
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    A little birdie tells us that Harley-Davidson officials from US and India have been visiting Indian vendors with the aim to set up a manufacturing unit and a vendor base for a new line-up of Harley motorcycles that will be unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo in New Delhi. Developing a new cost-effective motorcycle for the Indian market is bound to take that much time. The new Harley-Davidson motorcycle will be a V-twin in the 400cc to 500cc bracket. Built exclusively for the Indian market, it will be fully localised and will carry a price tag of Rs 3.5 lakh to take on entry level premium machines like the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Hyosung GT250R and the soon-to-be launched KTM 390 Duke. A little birdie tells us that Harley-Davidson officials from US and India have been visiting Indian vendors with the aim to set up a manufacturing unit and a vendor base for a new line-up of Harley motorcycles that will be unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo in New Delhi. Developing a new cost-effective motorcycle for the Indian market is bound to take that much time. The new Harley-Davidson motorcycle will be a V-twin in the 400cc to 500cc bracket. Built exclusively for the Indian market, it will be fully localised and will carry a price tag of Rs 3.5 lakh to take on entry level premium machines like the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Hyosung GT250R and the soon-to-be launched KTM 390 Duke. http://www.zigwheels...-in-2014/14923/
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    AMG cars are always special and the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG is no exception. The underlying formula is quite simple - take a regular car and stuff massive power into it - 421 horses in this case. It is a recipe guaranteed to excite. Read Full Review
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    Creating this thread to put up pictures of various luxury cars/bikes clicked in Guwahati, Assam. BMW 5 Series The Jaguar XF
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    The middle and top end variants of the Nano Twist will get the ZF-sourced electric power steering system. The middle variant of the Nano Twist, equivalent to the existing CX, will become the XE, while the top variant of the Nano Twist, equivalent to the current LX, will become the XT model. The Tata Nano Twist is expected to be launched on January 15, 2014. The Nano Twist will also be offered in a purple paint shade option for the first time and the EPS version will be approximately around Rs 15,000 more expensive than the equivalent non-power steering Nano (which is expected to be sold alongside the EPS version). The biggest grouse against the Tata Nano has been its heavy steering, the result of a flawed steering geometry that Tata hasn't quite got right on this 630kg, rear-wheel drive car. Now, the Tata Nano Twist could overcome one of the car's major drawbacks. The ZF electric power steering has taken about a year-and-a-half in development and Tata engineers have fine-tuned the calibration of the hatchback to give a good balance between low effort and road feel, according to company sources. Since its launch in 2009, sales of the Tata Nano have been a fraction of what Tata Motors hoped for. Although Tata has upgraded the interiors and exteriors of the Nano in a bid to entice buyers, the stigma of the world's cheapest car has kept many buyers away. The ZF-sourced electric power steering system on the Nano Twist marks the first mechanical upgrade for the Nano since its launch. This upgrade is a part of Tata Motors' new Horizonext strategy which seeks to improve existing products, sales and service to combat the recent slump in sales. (Autocar India)
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    Long awaited Suzuki's 200cc+ sports bike is finally going to be launched next month, Jan 2014 at Auto expo probably. Its a naked Twin cylinder, Liquid cooled 248cc, twin exhaust bike from Suzuki. An excerpts from Autocar India, Suzuki Motorcycle India Ltd (SMIL) plans to launch its naked street bike, the GW250 (also called Inazuma 250), in January 2014. The company plans to bring the 248cc, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke motorcycle through the completely-knocked-down (CKD) route and will be assembled at SMIL’s Gurgaon plant. Meanwhile, the company is also gearing up to ready at least one new product for its scooter as well as its commuter bike portfolio. SMIL’s current scooter portfolio includes the Access 125 and Swish 125, while the company sells one commuter motorcycle in each 110cc (Hayate), 125cc (Slingshot) and 150cc (GS150R) categories. Speaking exclusively to Autocar Professional, Atul Gupta, executive vice-president, SMIL, confirmed that “we are going to launch the 250cc motorcycle next month (January 2014) and new products to expand our current portfolio in the upcoming Auto Expo 2014. We are equally focussing on the scooters and the motorcycles.”
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    BMW X6 BMW 5series White
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    New in the city BMW 750Li Jaguar Logo
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    North East's most powerful ultra luxury Sedan - Rolls Royce Ghost The wild cat - Jaguar XJ-L
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    The Muscular Hummer H3 Porsche Cayenne
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    Hello all autocar members !

    Dear Friends, I am Sibasis Das, a keen automobile enthusiast and a Mechanical engineer. Since childhood i have been exposed to truck garages and automobile workshops. I have seen British Leyland trucks, tiger trucks, bedfords and ofcourse our very own TATAs. But then I never knew them so closely. Though I have learnt a lot from those garages and that was the only inspiration that made me pursue Mechanical trade. I love collecting scale models of automobiles and vintage car restoration is one of my areas of interest. I hope through the Autocar forums I will be able to explore and give vent to my creativity and knowledge, also at the same time I will learn more and more about automobiles and their technologies Thank you
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    The new Range Rover which debuted globally recently will be launched for customers in India on the 30th of November 2012. This announcement comes as a surprise as it has been seen that generally car makers take quite some time after international launches, before they launch their cars in Indian markets; may be this is effect of the Indian management having better knowledge of Indian Market situation! The new 2013 Range Rover SUV was officially unveiled earlier this year in August. Subsequently, Jaguar Land Rover announced that they have invested £370 million in the new Range Rover which boasts of an all aluminum chassis, that makes it lightweight thereby improving performance and fuel economy. Fuel emissions too are reduced considerably. Wheelbase has been raised by 100 mm and an innovative air suspension system coupled with Terrain Response 2 makes it easier for one to traverse any type of terrain with ease. Three engine variants are available for those opting to buy this vehicle. Engine specifications are as follows: 4.4 liter V8 diesel, 3.0 liter V6 diesel and 5.0 liter V8 petrol. These engines produce power outputs of 335 bhp, 255 bhp and 503 bhp respectively. Six piston brembo brake caliper for the front wheels, power steering as also an 8 speed ZF transmission which powers the wheels are features in the new model. Expect the new Range Rover to carry a price tag of INR 1 Crore. Official prices will be revealed at the launch on 30th Nov 2012. Deliveries of the 2013 Range Rover will begin next year. (Source: Rushlane.com)
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    Engine oil for Alto K10

    Hello guys, Need help with a common question. My Alto K10's done 9500km and is due for a service. I have been reading a few articles about engine oils (synthetic vs mineral, benefits of synthetic over minerals etc). I want to use a synthetic oil for my car but I am not sure which grade to use. So,can you please help me out here?
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    India Bike Week 2014!!

    India's biggest biking festival, the 'INDIA BIKE WEEK 2014' is here!! Bond over the love for motorcycles, adventure and music at the India Bike Week 2014!! India Bike Week 2014 is to be held in Goa (again) and its gonna be larger and louder than before, with over 10,000 people expected to attend over January 17 and 18. This is where every true blue biker will be, bonding over motorcycles and creating great memories!! Official Website: http://indiabikeweek.in/ To Book Tickets: http://in.bookmyshow...e-week-tickets/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/indiabikeweek HOW WAS YOUR DAY ? (TV Commercial): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id585lW1SOU A LOOK AT IBW 2013: HIGHLIGHTS OF IBW 2014: Music Music and motorcycles go together, hand-in-hand. Which is why we have lined up some absolutely fantastic acts for you, across three stages - live, acoustic and EDM. Whatever be the kind of music that rocks you, we've got it. Full Contact Championship 9 The Full Contact Championship gets the best Mixed Martial Artists from across the country together to give you some bone-crushing action. This is not for the weak-hearted. Also introducing lady fighters for the very first time at India Bike Week. Custom, Vintage & Mod Bikes If customizations and modifications excite you, this is where you need to be. A carefully curated selection of modified and customized motorcycles will be on display at the Display Zone during the festival. Bike Build-Off This is where six of the best motorcycle builders in India take on the task of creating a new motorcycle in two categories - Chopper and Others. The builders will be given identical bikes and 4 weeks to complete the build. They, then, finish the final build in a matter of two days - live, in front of IBW bikers. Bikini Bike Wash Bar Let the Bikini Wash girls give your motorcycle the TLC it deserves, while you down your poison at the bar and watch motorcycle films on the video wall. Stunt Zone The IBW Stunt Zone will have the best stunters from across the world showing us how their motorcycles are really just an extension of their bodies. Also introducing the Stunt Ballet - choreographed stunt competition! Flea Market Who said motorcyclists don't love shopping? The organisers are making sure that you don't have to step out of the festival grounds to do your shopping. The IBW Flea Market is where you will find what you're looking for. The Dhaba Your motorcycles need fuel and you need yours, to keep going. Drop by at The Dhaba at India Bike Week to dig your teeth into a range of lipsmacking food from around the country. Enduro Riding School If you love taking your bike off the beaten path, you might do well to visit the Enduro School first. Learn the secrets to riding better off-road with tips from the experts. The Howling Dog Bar The Howling Dog Bar at India Bike Week is where you can hang out and shoot the breeze with your biker buddies, make new friends, swap stories - all over a few drinks. INDIAN BIKE WEEK 2014
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    Folks who've been to Stuttgart and some other German cities may have heard of the company/concept known as Meilenwerk. This is a museum for supercars, vintage cars and classic cars, but they may even be rented out for a brief period, and I guess some sales have been made here. I've seen cars from different eras in this place, from the 1930s, the 50s, the 80s, and the present age. This place even has a couple of airplanes. It started off as a hangar, but is now a museum of cars, a few planes, and also has a library and some super-expensive cafes. I've taken loads of photos here, on my Nokia N8, and keep uploading to this set on my Flickr page.