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    Sweet Blog

    Came across a great blog for motorcycle enthusiasts check it out http://helmetstories.blogspot.com/
  2. swift d 20500 kms -12.something almost 13 with the ac Royal Enfield Thunderbird 2006 year model - 35.2 something flat out 2004 Enfield 500 Iron cast engine - 18 I thing i am not sure maybe less
  3. FRG where are the pics and where were you ... lets see some pics .
  4. yea well i have seen them in many stores... check out Crosswords.. The mag is not very big on the news stand so you will not find it on the corner book shop or at the guy on the signal.
  5. if great physics and all is what you want and realism is a plus point look at forza 2 that is great but a bit to real for my taste but it is very cool
  6. Swift D not even a year old yet
  7. vibhor... man i think you missed out some of the indian roads.. Leh Ladak.. Bangalore Ooty via Madumalli and so on
  8. seriously man are you kidding us .. must be dumb spending all that time and money on bike gear...
  9. like i said why give them these bikes when all they will do is sit on them on and not use them the way they should be ...
  10. it wasnt the mto1 could have been the fazer as far as i remember the image..
  11. the cops should not be allowed to ride bikes ... and if they should they should be on something like a RTR or a 200 and taught how to ride...
  12. yea cramster is a good bet....
  13. The being started up in Puri.splat2008-04-05 06:55:09
  14. 350 well i know of places where you can pick one up from but in Chandigarh...still lots of them running around in good shape but expensive to run and keep.. and the worst of all to find a good mech ..
  15. Gordon I saw the bike a week ago on the Andheri link road actually i rode beside it checking it out. Looks real good ..
  16. I agree with AT_maniac .. check bottom size before going any furthur
  17. well i guess will have to take pics of all my helmets together to put up here but i couldnt agree more with you maximus
  18. splat


    Hi Rishad welcome to Autocars own little meeting zone in cyber space
  19. who cares if the cake dont look good when it tastes great !!!
  20. splat

    fav car chase

    I would say the one in the rock was better than the civic scene ..
  21. splat

    fav car chase

    FAST AND THE FURIOUS !! you are joking right !!
  22. Rishad tell me about it ..every time i hear one i feel like blowing the car away. Something really needs to be done about it. I have heard they are illegal now and to have them is a challanable offence.
  23. tell me about it afterburner i would love it if we could start using GPS once on the road... would make life easier when out in the wilderness