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  1. For your info the actual price of kerosene is Rs.36/litre almost double the subsidised price. Better infrastructure can help a lot as better roads mean fewer gear changes and better utilisation of the fuel.
  2. Got to see how it sells if it is priced at 9 lakhs, the SRV was a total failure but Fiat managed to sell good number of 500s.
  3. Guys, we cant expect much from HH as it is dependent on Honda for new designs and as Honda also has a job to do like Yamaha. We can only wait for Honda to come with some good bikes after which HH shall follow.
  4. Hey Shru, go for the i10 kappa which must be good value for your money. The Swift is a good car but with the petrol one in your budget, doesnt offer great mileage. Spark although it comes with GMs 3yrs maintenance free offer will not give a good resale value as the others. A-Star by Maruti will be coming with a K series engine and is pitted against the i10. So if you wanna go for the i10, do wait for A-Star as it will also be equally interesting.
  5. Hope for some plazas from the Govt oil companies and not to worry as Reliance will start selling gas from the reserves it found
  6. Looks like a future F1 car which Asimo will be driving
  7. May be a SX4 with a good diesel engine should guarantee its future.
  8. Shr@123


    I think it will take time for the Pulsar 300. Bajaj will be closely watching its competition (Yamaha and Honda) before launching any high capacity bikes.
  9. Yes, I dont know how Bajaj was given patent rights to the twin spark technology. It is the basic thing to have better combustion in an engine. Anyway cheers for TVS for coming out with some good, innovative products.
  10. Hey go for the RTR if you want performance and looks and Unicorn if you want good engine and quality. Many new bikes are on their way but dont expect them to be under 60k, except for the 125s and 100s.
  11. MARUTI now seems to be concentrating on the ASTAR and the SPLASH to retain its small car market share threatened by the NANO. I think it must make more variants, upgrades on its other models also cos they really have the potential. The SX4 which if ignored may soon turn out to become another BALENO. MARUTI must make considerable changes as HONDA does to give the SX4 a fresh appeal to beat the new CITY.
  12. I think the oil filter must be changed along with the carburettor overhauling. Check out for Castrol Bike Zones as some of their service centers are good.
  13. There are some trained monkeys also like those of the MYTVS service centers who deal with all types and makes. Some garages offer convenient services in terms of time and other things better than the dealerships. It is so a matter of choice and convenience, which we can get if the companies are ready to lose some of their monetary gains.