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  1. I have an old Santro (Very nicely maintained by dad) and I am just learning to drive. Yesterday I was practicing take-offs when I did something stupid, I literally lifted it in the 5th Gear up a slope! I was happy to have done it until I smelled the burning of the clutch. I stalled the car and looked up the Internet for stuff and realized that I have rode the clutch a little too much. Now, I have to say that's one hell of a clutch. It was tried by me today after cooling it off, father drove it again as well and there's no shipping. The clutch works perfectly, except, everytime the car gets back home, there is this same smell! Although, much less in magnitude, it is still there! TL;DR: The biting point is the same, there's no slipping (it won't climb a steep slope at low speed with full gas and the RPMs do go down), but the clutch still gives off a little of that burning smell everytime the car's driven, anywhere. (No, it didn't happen before.) What is it? Anything to worry about?
  2. Well basically, I fell in love with this bike for its looks only Perfect!
  3. Well, I do not have much LONG rides and so, I don't want much comfort. But yea, will take a look at the FZ-S soon. will TD it
  4. I might check the bikes out today as a TD as I am going to the city today most probably. Fingers crossed! Lets see what happens. I am considering either FZ or the Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge. Now whichever dad might like.
  5. From what I think, after visiting showrooms and all I have gone all the way to CB Unicorn Dazzler, Pulsar 150 and Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge. Don't want to go for Yamaha as for service problems will be here in my town and 160cc will be more than enough for me. From the Above mentioned, namely, CB Unicorn Dazzler, Pulsar 150 and Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge, which one should I get as considering the needs in my first post. If its apache then, is apache suitable for carrying a female pillion (my mom) ? I could have gone for FZ16 or even FZ-S but my Dad's height is way less than mine and so he will feel awkward on it . So, where should I go ?
  6. Sorry but I need it to be 90k on-road, will definitely consider the 200NS for sure but keeping the budget in mind I need a bike that is 90k ON-ROAD!
  7. Hi the I am Kush Mishra and am a student, I want to purchase a bike within 90k (on-road), I live in a town called Rawatbhata and the roards are nicely laid here. Really less traffic is observed as is signified by the presence of no traffic signals. I would really rarely travell to Kota that is 50 kms from my place and its a big city with a lot of traffic. So now that you know the road conditions let me tell you the rider conditions. Mostly, I would ride alone or my dad might take the bike, or sometimes we both will ride while I am supposed to drive. So it will be 75% individual riding and 25% double riding of the total time. Having no prior knowledge about this stuff, I would really appreciate your help. Thanking you, Kush Mishra