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  1. my figo has done now 4200 kms. the turbo lag was quiet evident in the running in period but now it has completely vanished...the car pulls in any gear from any speed one just needs to press the accelerator..meanwhile took the car on a day trip to ambala.their on the empty roads drove it to 155 kmph and the car was feeling rock solid and steering had weighed up...all in all i was impressed !!!
  2. fiat does not have the expertise to tune their engine while maruti with their engine has made both the swift,ritz and dzire fun to drive and good's amazing even with a heavier body linea is faster than the punto even though they have the same engines...their is turbolag till 2500 rpm..for city driving that sounds like nightmare...i find my figo diesel quiet good cause their is some turbo lag till 1500 rpm and after that turbo kicks in and delivers power in a smooth way.
  3. why wait...the pete's box for figo is already available....the figo shares the engine with fiesta and fiesta one is take that one and plonk it in your car...the cra's power will go up to 85 bhp !!!!
  4. Free service doesnt means you will get a bill of rs.0...its just that the labour charges are waived figo's first service they will change the engine oil and the air filter and for which rs.1247 is reasonable... in normal city driving gettin an average of 13-14 kmpl considering delhi's traffic in which you have long idling in traffic with a/c on and with a lot of 2nd and 3rd gear driving !!! well the 1.4 tdci may be making 68 bhp only but its powerful...i have taken the car to 120 kmph and the rpm was at 2500 rpm !!! the car can go upto 150-160 kmph and considering indian highways the car is powerful !!!
  5. I took my figo diesel for a short highway excursion a drive of about 100 kms and i got a fe of 19.7 kmpl !!!! Really impressed considering my car is still to complete 2000 kms....once its fully run in by 5000 kms can expect frugal drinking habits from my car !!!
  6. hyundai i10 1.2 has mileage problems.dont expect more than 10-11 kmpl. the 7.6 kmpl might be due to car being driven in heavy traffic and fuel adulteration. now a days their is rapid adulteration !! you should contact the people at hyundai who will help you rest the guys at dealerships are loosers !!!
  7. i think the meaning of free service is that only labour charges wont be applicable. But you will charged be for the consumables. ford figo has only got 2 free services. These days servicing cost of every car is expensive be it maruti or mercedes. with margins getting thinner due to competitive pricing the companies earn money in the spare parts and maintainance !!!
  8. thnx dr. nishu...the engine bay was completely clean when got the delivery...but their is construction going on in my house and their is a pile of sand kept for construction purposes where my car is genrally parked so dats y the engine bay has got dusty !!!!
  9. tried reading the instructions but could not understand posting the link !!!
  10. mehul_bhp2010-06-11 07:59:08
  11. guys as promised...a set of pics of my new car. mehul_bhp2010-06-11 07:52:24
  12. i bought the car from harpreet ford,moti nagar,new delhi. the difference between a diesel and petrol figo is the tdci batch on the boot which is their on the former !!!! pics cuming today !!!!!
  13. Took delivery of my figo diesel exi in the last week of may. i bought the silver colour and i find it better than other colours but thats something according to personal here's the review.. Exteriors i find the front end to be quiet smart.the ford's kinetic design philosophy makes figo's front end the best part of it.the headlight design is brilliant as well.from the back it looks like the shortened version of fusion but overall i find the design to be good and fresh !!!! Interiors the plastic quality is not upto the looks cheap. but the black dashboard looks better than the coral one which looks pathetic.i just saw the interiors of fiesta and they are almost same to same.the design is simple but that's ok. the metre console design is good but i miss the temperature looks brilliant in the night with the red light and the theatrical effect with which it comes on. Build quality the car feels rock solid.i have upgraded from a zen and i feel the heaviness of the body when i drive it.the doors close with a solid thunk.and overall am quiet satisfied with it. this car gives a feeling that it will never rattle in its entire lifetime. Engine and gearbox the 1.4 litre diesel engine is just about refined though not as silent at idle compared to swift vdi. but close the windows,switch on the ac and music system you wont feel anything.the engine needs to be kept above 1400 rpm and below that their is a turbo lag. cross the 2000 rpm mark and response is good and you feel the torque and turbo joining hands delivering good drivability in city.not revved it past 3000 rpm so cant comment on that. 100 kmph comes up at just 2600 rpm. but swift vdi feels better performance wise. the gearbox is nice to use and after 500 kms of driving it feels even smoother !!! other observations - the a/c is a chiller. i live in delhi and can say that it chills fast and keeps the cabin comfortable. always use it in no.2 point and at no.3 point only sometimes though their no.4 as well. - the car is really spacious and the backseat is a nice place to be. the boot is large and this car can easily be used for family vacations. - the music system is brilliant.i dont feel the need to change the speakers and am satisfied with the oe-setup. - the wiper and indicator stalks are in opposite positions than the usual.the headlight comes on with the seprate switch(mercedes style). i drove a zen before so takes time to get used to. -the horn is nice and loud. so no need to upgrade. -the boot release button is placed on the upper part of dash near the headlight like the positioning and at night you dont get confused which is the fuel or boot lever like in my zen. - the seat fabric looks good but lets see how durable it is. - till now driven 500 kms and all of them in city only. the fuel efficiency is just about ok. its averaging around 12.8 kmpl. maybe it improves after the first service. -the car is a real vfm.its the cheapest diesel car in its class(not counting the indica which is below par).though the car isn't excellent and not outstanding in any aspect but good in all aspects.its a competent car suitable for highway. the car gripping is excellent and even at 100 kmph the car feels rock solid. - the car's driving position is excellent with good all round visbility and importantly bonnet visible whose visibility is dissappearing in current gen cars. -loving the figo motors has got a winner at their hands.its now quiet visible in delhi and i feel its the next junta car like the swift.
  14. civic is a gem of a car....the i-vtec is brilliant but the lower end power is just about ok compared to corolla which has a powerful lower end...the civic's interiors feels a genration ahead of corolla though in terms of exteriors it depends on personal tastes.....however civic is really low on equipment and the car isn't exactly good value for money....corolla is high on equipment and it seems a vfm proposition...but all the more congrats for your civic and enjoy the formula one feel eveyday you drive !!!!
  15. 6000 odd bucks for first service is too much.....the first service costs that much then what will be the billing of subsequent services ????? it goes to show fiat is heavy on pocket.....intrestingly thats what i paid 6800 bucks for my corolla's 40,000 km service with break pads changed !!!!