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  1. Thanks to every one. Made my mind for City 1.5 V MT. Just waiting for the permission from my office to go ahead for buying. @Sachin Well I'll basically use it in city, my home to office and on the weekends long drive may be possible. Please let me know if I'm missing anything. @creativebala Fiat have not manufactured a single unit of T-Jet in 2012. I've enquired about it to all the dealers in kolkata. Thats why I've left with one choice only, Linea 2012 Absolute Edition.
  2. I want to own a petrol sedan. My budget is 10 lakhs and I can stretch upto 11 lakhs. Based on the above said priorities, budget and my fancies I've shortlisted two cars and I'm utterly confused between the two. The choices are- 1. Honda City 1.5 V MT with CASCA navigation system in place of the central console. (Mainly chosen due to HONDA Brand Value and Good Sales Figure for past 1 year) 2. Fiat Linea 2012 Absolute Edition since Fiat did not manufactured a single T-Jet model in 2012. (This one is chosen due to the features it offered and technical aspects). My priorities for the new car are 1. Air bag 2. ABS (preferably with EBD) 3. Traction control will be an added advantage. 4. Good AC. 5. Good Mileage 6. Hassle Free After Sale Service 7. Good Drivability 8. Good Ride Quality I fancy about the following features 1. Cruise Control 2. Navigation System 3. Central console with touch screen 4. Bluetooth/ USB/ Ipod Connectivity 5. DVD Player Please advice me which car I should go. If I've missed anything please do let me know also. Thank you. Regards, Aninda