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  1. Thanks for your reply. loved to see ur post. Once i reported to VW, they r trying to get their act together.I got the Mocca anthracite and yes theres only manual tranny with a 1.8tsi. cost is 21 lacs on road. VW was gonna have both variants but the 3 series CE and C Class corporate have turned the tables. They come without the bells and whistles but the brand would be a puller. the sales for diesels would have come down to a trickle and nw the superb has got a crdi as well, so it would have strong sales. however the diesel might come bk as many ppl r still asking for it, but whether and when is yet to be seen. I was getting 40k off on the insurance from Downtown but Navi Mumbai offered me only 25k disc on ex-showroom and were boasting of many customers wanting to buy my car. it cost me 28.02 lacs. + 69k for accessories ( got frm Downtown Mumbai ). The accessories were 1. V- Kool Sun Film Diamond, 2. Door scuff Plates ( has passat written in chrome plating on all 4 doors ), 3. Bluetooth kit, 4. Mud Flaps, 5. Rubber Mats with ****y, 6. Car Cover ( Du Pont ), 7. Mirror Lock, 8. Anti Scratch all round Protection ( new accesory which covers all possible places of contact or scratches, on the same line as door guards ), 9. 2 imported wax car perfumes ( bought later ). The car up until nw has been good except for the rear centre armrest which shows some wrinkles on the edges ( gonna take it to the workshop tom ). also the large boot cavity causes noise intrusion in cabin when goin over potholes. auto hold and electronic parking brakes are fabulous features. Downtown Mumbai had 3 colours Silver Leaf, Mocca anthracite and Silver. the 1st was delivered in front of my eyes and the other two were sold off the same day i visited the dealer
  2. Hi guys this is my first car review, so feeling excited and nervous. sorry for any mistakes that i might make. I was a vendor for VW and had been following the Passat for almost 3 yrs now.My sales consultant at Downtown VW Mumbai had informed me in march tht the crdi automatic was gonna make way for petrol & manual tranny. so watever they had ex stock was the last lot of crdis. I did go to the showroom on 4th march to dicuss abt benefits and discounts but next day was informed tht the silver and mocca anthracite ( my desired color ) were sold and they were out of cars. I went to the auto mall exhib. only to discover that they were the same guys ther. My fav color was ther at navi mumbai and vidyut in Pune had silver leaf, my dads fav color. We still wanted the car from downtown so we gave them the booking amt. only to be told tht the cheque would be deposited only if color is available at Auranagabad ( Ckd assembly there ). Color was available, cheque was deposited and then i was informed ther was a miscommunication due to which my complete amt would be refunded. After a no. of meetings with the GM and Consultant I was compelled to book the car from KSM Navi Mumbai and my experience ther was awful. Eventually got the car from them after they troubled me lot for payments and had my car delivered on 1st April. Will divulge details if needed. Then sent the car to Downtown for accessory fitting & it was redelivered the way a VW should be delivered on 16th april. Car has done 220 kms, FE is 11.7 but hav to take it to the workshop as centre armrest has some wrinkles. Have informed VW about the Dealer's Behaviour
  3. also the running costs of the bmw will be more than the bmw and my dad is gonna sell off the car in 4yrs to claim depreciation so wats the point in buying a bmw
  4. dude i thought of checkin out the bmw 320 d but at the end of the day there is no point in buyin one it doesnt have 16" pirellis like the passat it doesnt have an automatic handbrake, or space or the ride quality of a passat so we r gonna settle for a passat also the free insurance offer is only on the base model and we r goin for the top of the line dsg s
  5. dude its for mah dad so he doesnt want out and out pace he is never enthusiatic abt speed but wants a cruiser which is packed with features,has stability and build quality
  6. my frds it would be passat for me dont become honda and toyota ke fanatics my frds they dont give enough features for the price of their cars
  7. my dad is in a fix abt which car to buy he did a test drive of the laura and said it wasn't as good as a mondeo to drive. i saw the passat at the auto expo at delhi and fell in love with it but my dad is particular abt mileage and thats why we went to check out the laura. the passat is a direct rival to the mondeo abroad and i suggested that he take a test drive of the passat as well. we checked it out today and it was amazin.... we don't mind extending our budget and buying the passat if its more competent than the laura. the mileage figures differ from magazine to magazine if there was to be a comparison between the two, which one would you suggest and how do the two siblings square up? and dont suggest me the camry or the accord im not a fan of toyota and i hate honda.... )