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  1. Considering that I have been a loyal Maruti user for many years (all of our cars have been maruti versions), I am honestly thinking of buying something else. No other reason will check out i10. Not sure how much "Checking out" I can do till Saturday but will try. DJ
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. Petrol is what I am looking at as well. Considering my dad drives very rarely (our 2 year old SX4 barely has 6k kms!), its not reasonable to buy a diesel version. I checked out the new primo version of the micra and they tell me it has ABS and 2 front airbags as well. Will check out the brio and aveo as well. I really wanted to buy the polo but they tell me that the aftersales is pretty costly. Any info? Internet research says that the Jazz is also a good option...not sure if its true. Wont go for an AT since both me and dad love the manual shifts, and the mileage will be an issue especially in India with pterol price rise. Nissan says their service network has improved considerably. Not sure about the coverage in Mumbai and Pune though. totally agree on spending sometime driving the car, however time is a luxury I dont have. If I dont buy this week then the earliest I can be back in the country will be Dec. This one will have to be bought purely based on the autocarindia recommendation . Guess the Saturday will be pretty hectic. DJ
  3. Have to buy a small car for my dad this weekend. However have had zero time to do any research so here's hoping that the auto boffins here can help me out I am using the template which was mentioned by a user earlier. Any help will be appreciated. Feel free to ask additional questions and will try to provide answers. Basically I will use the car for a few months but will then handover to dad once I move out of the country. Hence ride quality, safety are important. Power is definitely needed for the few months I will drive it Service network important - particularly in Pune and Mumbai. Whats your Budget - 5-7 L Kms driven Daily – 10-20 only Bodyshell - Hatch City/Highway usage% - 90:10 Max No.of Passangers - 3 most of the time Usage by - Self driven Prime requirement - Ride Handling/ Looks/ power Preferred Manufacturer – Stuck between Nissan Micra, polo, etc Encounter bad roads? Yes Existing owned cars SX4 top end petrol, old Esteem VXi petrol. Will sell the Esteem soon DJ