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  1. My question is basically, is CNG a feasible option for any car that runs on petrol (I understand Diesel engines are more complicated to put CNG on). 1. Can you put CNG on cars such as Scorpio, Safari, CRV and the likes? 2. How big are these cylinders, and for how long a distance would you be able to cover on a full cylinder? 3. How does it affect maintainance cost of the car? 4. How much do these CNG kits cost and what is likely to be the estimated running cost of the vehicle then? 5. Is getting CNG cylinders refilled convenient (in NCR)? Thanks Ankur
  2. Hi all, I am planning to get the exteriors of my old city (2001) modified. Is it possible to make it into a convertible with a soft top? Also, I would like to get contacts of garages, workshops etc specializing in this kind of stuff in and around Delhi. Would appreciate inputs! Thanks! Ankur
  3. So in general everyone believes this car is not even worth the 7 lacs it would cost today!
  4. Hi folks, I've heard that the Optra SRV price in Delhi is now Rs. 6.5 Lacs, and Chevrolet is also offering 3 year cashless ownership as an add on. My questions: 1. Is the Optra SRV a good car? (Power, Performance, Mileage etc) 2. Is the Chevrolet 3 year cashless ownership offer any good? Thanks! Ankur
  5. Guys, One more thing into the mix: Grand Vitara V6, 2003 model, 35000 Kms on it - from Maruti Truevalue for INR 8 Lacs Does this seem like a good deal vs. a 2004/05 CRV? If not, what should be a fair price? Ankur
  6. Yeah - doesn't the Octavia have an AT version?
  7. Greetings all, My father is looking to buy a C-Segment / Upper C-Segment car (under INR 12.5 Lakhs) with Automatic transmission (he has a bad lower back). I'm listing down some options we are going to look at. Would appreciate your comments and inputs on any models here, or those I've missed out 1. Honda City 2. Honda Civic 3. Toyota Corolla H1 4. Skoda Octavia 5. Mahindra Scorpio (I saw the AT version in Auto Expo '08 - not sure its in the market yet) The car would be running ~2,000 kms a month in Delhi traffic. Thanks! Ankur
  8. I have to find time next weekend to visit the 2-3 different individuals and dealers...will keep you guys posted, and will probably ask for more specific advice at that stage.
  9. FRG - what about the price? Does it seem fair?
  10. Thanks a lot FRG for the advice and the link!
  11. If size is not a factor, would you recommend the CRV from a maintainance perspective (the points I wrote in my original post). Thanks Ankur
  12. Hi car lovers, I want to buy an SUV in the sub Rs. 10 L bracket. I have always liked the CRV a lot, and want to go for an old CRV rather than buy a new Scorpio / Safari. My questions: 1. Anything glaring about the 2004/2005 CRV models that would make it a bad buy? For example, if the CRV starts giving constant maintainance headaches after 40,000 kms or so. 2. Is a Rs. 9L price tag fair for a 2005 2.4L A/T CRV which has done about 50,000 km in city conditions? 3. Where to go looking for the CRV (any good suggestions besides and opinions on FirstChoice, etc). Thanks in advance Ankur