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  1. @sb-alto Here's the company's website http://www.teslamotors.com/models/index.php I too had doubts about the capacity of 7 seats, but based on the company's website that's what they claim (Seating for 5 adults + 2 child seats; this info is given under the "Utility" tab) Regarding the range, it is claimed as 300 miles for the Model S. For the Tesla Roadster it is given as 244 miles. darklord2010-01-27 07:41:29
  2. Congrats on getting your new car. Post the pics when you can. @mods I remember reading a pre-delivery checklist somewhere on the forum. Unable to find it right now. If you can find the link please post it. Also if its added to one of the sticky guides it might help
  3. darklord


    From the only shot available, I don't mind transferring the "fuggly car" title from Dezire to this new Uno (no offense to Fiat lovers)
  4. Hatchbacks giving 10-13 kmpl are fuel efficient? At 11-12k USD, affordable they may be; but fuel efficient? only in US I guess.
  5. A big house with a portico long enough to allow 2 cars to be parked below it. That'll ensure that its open enough to allow the vehicle to cool down, etc and also makes sure that its not directly exposed to the elements. One point (at least) in favor of closed parking is that you wouldn't find a layer of dust when you park the car overnight. (helps when you have a black color car)
  6. @arkboupunk1 are you sure the road service is completely stopped between ATP-BLR? One of my friend is travelling from B'lore to Hyderabad tonight via bus.
  7. Airliners have been making good money from travelers between Hyderbad-Bengaluru as a result of all the nuisance. But since you are in Anantapur, its out of question. Relatively safe option right now (only if you absolutely must travel) would be trains. They are getting stopped for a couple of hours but unlike buses and cars, they're not being damaged. IMO staying put still remains the safest bet.
  8. @sb-alto Since he's in Mumbai, I was hoping there'd be at least one good Skoda dealer over there. And as far as the DC Design is concerned, If I had the money I would probably get it done
  9. @CreativeBala Captive would be way out of their budget of 15L @Akshay Since you seem to be okay with petrol cars(based on Civic and Corolla), you can also look at Laura 1.8 TSI and Jetta 1.6 Trendline too. @DD and sb-alto Adding to your suggestion of Innova, do you think the base version of Innova + DC Lounge (costs abt 5L) makes sense here? Since he's from Mumbai, access to DCDesigns would be easier.
  10. Maybe the airflow when the car is moving is expected to cool the engine? We often see this in F1-cars; right after a safety car period, some of the cars break-down due to over heating. Reason being that behind the safety car, the F1-cars are not traveling fast enough for the air to cool the engine. Being a super car maybe its designed to make use of the airflow to cool its engine. O.T: Any ideas on how we could empty the fuel tank if, for some reason, we are not allowed to drive?
  11. Hyderabad to Bengaluru (570 km / 9 hours / excellent-good roads) Road upto Kurnool (200 km from Hyderabad) is excellent 4-lane highway. Food stop at the entrance of Kurnool, just before the toll-gate (Ghar Dhaba). This would save time since you do not have to enter the city. Roads from here onwards are under construction, but whatever part is done is in good condition. Do not forget to stop at Gooty (315 kms from Hyderabad) to have a local herbal drink called 'Nnannare' which costs about Rs.6 per glass. Next stop at Anantapur (350 km from Hyderabad) for food or nigh halt. For night halt, Nama lodge is good. Proceeding further, next available place is Penukonda (425 kms from Hyderabad) where you can stop for snacks/tea/coffee. From here there are not too many places to stop before you reach Bengaluru.
  12. @Cyrus Did you get the blood on time and did everything go well? @sudeepd +1 to your idea One reliable place that I have is http://www.indianblooddonors.com/default.asp (my friend is the coordinator in Hyderabad and has been helping people for some time) I've heard of the name "Khushroo" in the context of that organization. Not very sure if its the same person that Cyrus mentioned.