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  1. HI Sorot, I have come across your post on autocar india forum, while searching for solution for the EXACT problem you were facing. After a mionor accident(my 2006 ford fiesta diesel slightly climbed the divider and came back on road with a lil jerk to her) my car was showing a wierd problem as descried by you( race pedal was unresponsive, the figures vanshied and repalced by " - - - -" dashes, and happend only sometimes when on higher gears. Can you please guide me how you came to a daignosis of this problem and what was the solution. The ford centers near me (pune) are also unable to comprehend this issue. Did you try reseting the PCM(ECU) unit by diconnecting the battery? did this work for you? If possible please contact me on when you read this. Thanks! Raweesh P