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  1. Hi guys, Am getting ready for the Mumbai to Thane FCCCI rally on 9th March 08. AFAIK, Behram and Cyrus Dhabhar, myself (Rony) and my son Rohan, Varun, Gogi, Karl, Riyasp Kothavala, Feroze Mehta, Aditya and Kavesh have already confirmed to participate. Cyrus should know if there are some more joining in. My 1973 PREMIER PRESIDENT is presently being worked upon. BRAND NEW Parts awaiting fitment are:- 1. Original PAL Indian Fuel Tank, 2. English LUCAS Delco system, 3. Original SOLEX pumping carb, 4. English LUCAS coil, 5. Italian all Aluminium Tappet cover, 6. Italian Fuel pump, 7. Italian Water pump, 8. Italian FUSE BOX complete, 9. Italian windshield washer system, 10.Italian DOG horn, 11. Italian FIAMM Musical Horn, 12. German BOSCH Twin Horns, 12. Italian Tail light lenses, 13. Original Italian front Parking Lights, 14. Italian Stainless Steel Wheel Trim, 15. Indian SAFEX green Tinted door glasses, 16. Embossed Type Aluminium number plares, 17. Original PRESIDENT Badges on ****y, 18. FIAT, WIAAA & several other very rare Badges on front grill, 19. Full new Suspension with new PREMIER spiders and RANE Tie Rods wand VIR rubber bushing, 20. Complete new API Brake Wheel and Master cylinders, 21. Complete new API Clutch Assembly, 22. Rear windshield Venetian Blinds, and the works............... Believe me, I am very excited about this project and cannot wait any longer to get this Beautiful original piece of art back to its Pristine condition. I will not be rushing up any jobs but whatever I accomplish will be done with profesional care and expertise. Here, I must also make a mention that Mr. Behram Dhabhar (Cyrus' Dad) has played a major role in offering his professional technical assistance to all the FIAT owners (incl. me, of course!) throughout the maintenance and restoration processes. He is a very valuable member in the FIAT club and his experience with FIATS speaks out for himself. So, hopefully see you all on the 9th with all your unique beauties. Best of Luck, Rony Vesuna 98202 37397
  2. I will be greatful if I am given a pass for the speed run. When do I pick up the pass, if granted?