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  1. Thanks Vibhor, do u have any other info like where and when it is going to take place.
  2. Hi guys, I have heard that after Delhi, Renault F1 road show will be held in Mumbai at the reclamation promenade at Bandra. If anyone has Info please share
  3. yes, i also saw this UV near Powai - Hiranandani
  4. its awesome, i like the grill
  5. Its a great car with a nicer average, but the price hurts ..all because its imported with 100% duty.
  6. hey raj nice pics.. congrats.. its a Mhawk naah
  7. proton

    New Launches

    Linea will be launched most probably at the end of this year or the start of 09.
  8. Hi guys.. Hey guys after yamaha R1 and MT01 launched in India, now i have heard that ducati is also being launched in the range of 15-40l. I also came to know that many of these sports bikes have an average of 20k.m. a liter and the Italian Company is also thinking selling 50 of these bikes a year but i think these bikes are too costly. Any news guys please share .
  9. i think punto will be costlier or similarly priced as fabia
  10. Hey guys... what is the expected price in India for Linea, Punto and the new Accord. But i like the present Accord.... for its styling and looks, what do you guys say !!
  11. If this one comes to India, I think it will be between Aveo and Optra ie. above Aveo but below or same level as Optra
  12. hii, i am not sure about the price.. but if it comes in the above mentioned rangs, then SX4 is good...otherwise INDIGO CS
  13. @socks- do u know about automobile journalism, if yes can u tell me what is the qualification to enter in that field
  14. i also wanted to do something in automobiles.... but i landed up becoming a grad.. Then i had gone to V.J.T.I. just for info. if i could do something, they told me there is diploma was really good doing from V.J.T.I. had to be started as on after 10th base. @rssh- i think V.J.T.I. also have Automobile engineering, but the best institute, as i have heard is Delhi institute of engineering and Raj is right saboo siddik is the main automobile college in Mumbai
  15. ya, i know that skoda is tough. My friend has a prior experience with optra and he is concerned with the mileage figures but the magnum is a new package and octavia is now updated and i have heard that magnum has good mileage and good drive quality too. The space is also better
  16. Hey, guys my friend is confused between Optra Magnum and Skoda Octavia he is going to use the car for city commute and outings on some weekends, he wants a smooth ride, a little fuel efficient and space. Guys please suggest your comments.
  17. hey roomy what do u mean by intentional ... i had wrongly written "International".. and hey can't anyone make mistakes sometime?
  18. India -- Speed Auto Show- Renuka kriplani, Hormad sorabjee and Kartik NDTV profit- Car and Bike show- Siddhart Vinayak Patankar Internatinal -Top Gear Fifth Gear on Discovery travel and living
  19. ya ..some modifications has to be done
  20. no rssh i don't think that way .....
  21. whn will honda jazz come 2 India... n wat price range it is probable 2 b in? will it b in c or c+segment ?