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  1. hey where do we get arai and shoei helmets and whats the minimum price tag? and i live in chennai
  2. auto expo showcased ninjas and ktm has bajaj made any decision on bringing them because kawasaki has told that they would sell the ninja on the response of the public .my father is preventing me from buying 220 because he hopes to buy the ninja250 so please tell when will they realese it in probiking showrooms and are the ktm and ninjas coming to india fitted with piraliee tyres and brembo discbrakes
  3. hey i know when is the jetta coming read the question and answer
  4. my dad is planning to buy either the jetta or avante. which of these car do you think is worth buying and moreover jetta is coming this oct but when is the avente coming .
  5. is the 200 better than 220 ...because i heared that the 220 has some milage problems and when is the ninja 250 comin.........
  6. get the swift petrol it gives a peppy performance for 130horse power car and try gettin the zxi ..................................for a comfort more than getz or any car in its class