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  1. i say r15... looks better... performance is better... havent heard of common problems... unlike p220.
  2. isnt there another way to enter... i.e. without having to pay? coz i'm sure i'll spend summore once i get inside... anyone?
  3. MARUTI GYPSY ... for off-roading... this old goat will take you anywhere... but will break your bones !!!
  4. thanks Zavo, like i said... its kind of a general wondering...
  5. whats the price range of LCDs in the indian market? what would go on the zen estilo? roof-mounted or dash-mounted? need some help with all these.
  6. seen the car... in dark blue color... not too bad but the tail could do with some more designing... coz the tail-lites the same as the hatchback. and about the overall looks.... its ooookkaaaayyy... but with the performance that u've described... its a definite winner. but hey... i go for looks... so, i wouldn't opt for the DZIRE if this is how its gonna look..... hehehe
  7. i was wondering what kind of permission or license would i need if i were to organize a rally for say... mumbai to pune. what are the requirements i would need to fulfil before i could go on with the program. i mean, would i need some kinda permission from some authorities like MAI or Traffic Police or something like that. yeah... thats about it... simply put.... REQUIREMENTS !!!
  8. where can i collect the passes for tomorrow's SPEED RUN 2008? an address would be of help...