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  1. I love to drive cars & intend to upgrade from my Wagon-R to a new car. My only priority is fulfilling the driving passion & nothing else. I have shortlisted the followings with in my budget. Which one to go for? My usage: City-75%, High way-25%. 1. Swift-petrol 2.Swift-diesel. 3.Getz-1.3 petrol. 4.Getz- diesel 5.Palio-1.6 petrol. 6.Hyundai-I-10 7.Xeta petrol 1.4. Please do advise, if any other car will suit my requirement best, with in the budget of Getz-diesel.
  2. It will take almost 5 yrs for a Swift Diesel to recover the extra cost of 1.10( As pointed out by you) lacs at your usage level. Petrol is definetily more fun to drive & easier on maintenance. Go for petrol.
  3. Though I am using a Wagon-R at present, I will advise you to go for Santro. Over all Santro is better than Wagon-R. +ve of Wagon-R : Better ride & suspension, less on maitenance, slightly more fuel efficient. +ve of Santro: Better pickup, more silent at high speed, much better head light, better seats & thigh support, wider rear seat, better plastics, better gear shift. Mileage of my Wagon-R: W/O AC : City-14.5, High Way-17.5, With AC : City: 13, HW-15.5-16. Mileage of Santro is very much comaparable, may be 0.5 km less than Wagon-R.
  4. Diesel engines are now very modern, thus it is not reqd. to start daily.