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  1. Guys what you say about the K&N Filter

    I had put k&n on my unicorn.But i didn't work out well.All i felt was the "big bang" sound while riding.But my bike did go fast till the 80kph mark.The next day i found that the bike won't start at all.Even if i manage to get it going,the bike will shut off at low revs.Maybe it has something to do with the settings.
  2. Engine Oil

    Thnx for all the replies.Regarding synthetic oils i heard they might cause clutch slipping.Is it true?
  3. Engine Oil

    I own a unicorn(one with spokes).It has clocked more than 22000 kms.I have been using the Honda Oil till now.Now,i would like to have a change.Which is the best oil i can go for?I think honda recommends 20w40 grade oils.Regarding my riding style,i always keep my speeds below 70,only on rare occassions i tend to speed above that.Any idea on semi-synthetic oils?Some say they last longer than others.
  4. Exposed versus Covered Rear Wheel Chains in Bikes

    yes i agree with the idea of implementing full chain covers.I don't know why the manufacturers are trying to cut costs by putting the rider's life at risk
  5. Apache RTR or Unicorn

    I own a unicorn which now is around 18 months old.I get a mileage of around 53-57kmpl.I like the apache also.As a matter of fact if i had the chance to own a second bike,i would go for the apache-fi.But to answer your question,i would say go for unicorn since mileage and comfort is your top priority.
  6. Activa / Dio for college use..

    I had a dio.To answer your question,i would prefer the dio anyday coz of its looks.But i do have to admit that the body part will cause rattles or even may break off if it falls down(like mentioned above).I had severe rattling problems and once the fibre around the headlight section had broken a bit.I consulted the service centre 5 or 6 times,but no use.They won't do anything
  7. Unicorn Remodelling

    Well here are the pics of 1st gen n 2nd gen unicorns fixed with honda alloys.In 1st gen,you can also see it has the dome of new bike in it,but it would need a few more modifications.
  8. Unicorn Remodelling

    One more thing i forgot to mention is that if you're having the 1st gen unicorn,then you have to change the disc brake as well.This will cost around Rs1200
  9. Unicorn Remodelling

    Honda unicorn alloys are indeed expensive.I have a grey 2nd gen unicorn and i fixed those alloys in my bike.The alloys together cost me Rs6500.If you can't afford it then you can try alloys of CBZ Xtreme as they are around Rs5500.The difference is that unicorn alloys has 6 spokes and Xtreme alloys has 5 spokes.If you are buying alloys of honda then you can get it changed at the honda service centre itself.Hope this helps.
  10. yamaha r15 first impression

    You think R15 was good...Well,looks like Yamaha has more goodies for our market...Chk this
  11. Alloy Trouble

    Ya well i was planning to get the honda alloys itself.Someone actually suggested me cbz xtreme alloy also.Anyway,thnx 4 ur response.I feel much better n confident now.(phew!)
  12. Alloy Trouble

    So the winner is alloys,rgt?
  13. Going for Apache RTR 160

    My sincere apologies bro.I was reading through the messages and i thought i should post my views on it too.And i am not the only one who posted,look replies prior to mine....they are all written recently even though the topic was started some months ago.Anyway,i am sorry for the confusion.
  14. Alloy Trouble

    Hi guys.This may sound stupid but it has been giving me a headache.I am about to put alloys in my unicorn(spokes).But some people(most of 'em old),says spokes are better coz alloys tend to break off.I admit they might break off since evrything has a life.But i think it would last atleast longer than spokes or atleast more than 5-8 years.What do you guys think?Has anyone experienced alloy damage(any bike) in here?
  15. Going for Apache RTR 160

    I also like the RTR.But if you talk about engine notes,i think pulsar 200 is better(just my opinion).I wouldn't recommend hunk because it is not refined like unicorn even though they share the same engine.Also,i read somewhere that the hunk is 10kgs heavier than the RTR.Anyway,the final choice is yours.