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  1. The only diesel option in automatic sedans of this range is the Verna
  2. We have the Corolla Altis and it's a good car with features like touchscreen audio player, electric driver seat, 6 airbags and some other things, but it has an underpowered 83 bhp diesel engine. Chevrolet Cruze is also a nice car and has good fuel efficiency and engine power is also good and it too comes with good features and quite modern looks.
  3. Toyota Avanza is a good car and is likely to be successful in the MPV segment because it's gonna be 7-Seater with nice ground clearance and price. Now, if it comes with good safety features and equipment then it could be the game changer of the MPV segment.
  4. I recommend the New Dzire if you want a saloon and the New i20 if a hatch is needed.
  5. My prime desire is BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S Class.