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  1. okie..i will check up in maruthoi service station..Thanks for your replies. i will let you know the results in couple of days.
  2. I really don't know. it is jan 2006 Vxi model. i think it is Mpfi engine.
  3. Helo all, i have purchased a second hand zen recently. Specification: model-2006, milage-22000 Problem: when i start the vehicle, vahicle starts vibrating slightly in neutral position, when accelerated more, vibration reduces slightly, but in 3rd gear, it again vibrates more. and in at speeds 60-80 also it vibrates. what could be the reason and how can i rectify it. tyres looks to be in good condition. i have take this one from used car showroom of toyota company, so serviceing done very recently. please help me. thanks