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  1. come on toyota fortuner can't be compared to the safari.As for it's launch date and price they are : 2009 end or 2010 beginning . 16-17 lakhs
  2. Might be and there is some thread regarding the recall of 20k innova and see the toyotas Honesty ' date=' and it might be some prduction defect , well Innova is a good car and these probs are not there in each and every innova and presently the best car in its segemnt , Hats off to Toyota Cheers!!![/quote'] Mr.mndvishnu you are absolutely right about that.Toyota recalled this particular batch of innovas which had this problem,which shows toyota's commitment towardsit's customers.I am sure that you own an toyota brand vehicle.you will have to own it to beleive it
  3. Hey toyota is always a toyota .You will have to own to know what toyota is.My innova which has completed 70,000kms has less rattles than my friend's brand new scorpio which has done 5,000kms.I kindly request you Mr.viktheram to not post commends if you if you don't know about what you are talking
  4. Please don't post commends about a car if you don't know anything about it.And innova is uncomparable to other vehicles mentioned here.you will have to own one to fully experience its value.As for the rankings , they are: 1.INNOVA.................................2.SCORPIO 3.SAFARI AND TAVERA.