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  1. Friends thank you very for your valuable suggestions and response.I think the uneasiness is due to keeping the toe portion raised without getting proper support.what about keeping some wooden piece or some thing and resting the foot over that?Will it affect safety?
  2. I could not follow exactly.Can you please explain
  3. I bought my first car Santro xing GL two and a half months ago.I already covered 4100 KM and I am fully satisfied with its performance and true value for money.But I have one problem, my right leg angle pains if I do long drive some 100 Km and all.Actually I had felt this problem during the test drive, then I thought it would be allright once I used to it. I feel the accelerator pedal position of santro causes a little bit cramp while driving.I would like to know the feed back from other santro xing owners how they feel.
  4. I want to buy a new car which comes within 3.0 lakhs.I am a big fan of alto, which I feel very much comfortable to drive.My friends are forcing me take indica xeta gls,which they say worth for the money.I have made test drive of xeta also.It's ok,powerful and spacious except I feel some discomfort with accelerator pedal ( may be because I got tuned with driving maruti)and engine sound.Also in various forums poeple are making negetive remarks on indica like bad customer care,vibration,inferior quality plastics and no resale value etc.In maruti I find it's proven technology,good customer care ,fuel efficiency etc.My friends say alto is not worth for the money we pay.I am confused,experienced hands pl advice.