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  1. The service @ Shell is much better than at any other pump. After filling up and paying for the fuel, much to my amusement - the girl who attended to me - stood her ground and recited from memory about 5 instructions on driving safely all in one breath. She concluded by saying "always put on your seat belt". Almost every one in the Car were rolling in laughter at the end of her little speech.
  2. Shell 's latest price in Chennai is a whopping 54.60 per litre of diesel. Woooo !
  3. I am quite happy with the Car. It is giving very good service. I am still pissed off with the price I had to pay. I feel Hyundai had ripped me off !!. The Car is a good buy at around 12 Lakhs.
  4. Dear Friends, I was rudely surprised to note that SHELL sells their premium diesel 'Shell Extra' at Rs 47.80 per Litre in Chennai. WOW ! They must be making up for lost revenues in the sale of subsidized petrol and ordinary diesel. Wonder what the prices are in the rest of the country? Can readers contribute ? Especially premium diesel prices from IOC/ HP/ BP rgds
  5. Hope you keep us posted on your experiences with the Grande after a few services are over.
  6. Hi DD I also live in Chennai and use the DSC Hyudai's facilities. Will try HMP next time. DO you recommend it? Rgds
  7. The Tuscon has not been commented on this forum. Perhaps I may not have searched properly. Anyway I own a Tuscon for thelast 10 months and thought I would share the experience with all of you. In a few forums, the cost of the vehicle has come in for a lot of stick. I guess that is appropriate considering that a vehicle that is available for the equivalent of around Rs 8 lakhs or less aboard is being sold in India for a staggering Rs 18.00 lakhs plus. No amount of blaming the Government
  8. I am using a Tuscon for the Last 10 months. It was purchased new. The Engine sound is definitely higher than what it was at the time of purchase. It is not however alarming. The car gives excellent service. The only problem I have is with the service centers of Hyundai. The service is very poor. Very little space and ever changing customer service reps.