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  1. Did u have any problems with the service?? any problems with the tat dealer in the after sale service??
  2. Well can u guys help me list out the pros and cons of each car Pros for Palio MJD 1. Engine and build is great 2. Power is great Cons for Palio MJD 1. Interiors are old and dated 2. Service and spares Pros For Tata Indica(To be released) 1. Interiors will be good 2. Space will be good Cons For Tata Indica(To be released) 1. Dont know when it will release 2. The new indica may take some time to become stable Please correct me if i am wrong and add on to the list and thanks for your responses. Sandeep
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, Well the new indica not sure when it is going to relese, i am trying to find out but no luck. If anyone knows please let me know. My guess is that the Tata nano itself is coming out in october or something like that, so i am guessing that this indica may not come before that.. correct me if i am wrong
  4. Hi, I am sandeep looking to buy a hatchback, was almost decided on waiting for the new indica which is to be released with the new fiat engine. but thin i saw the Fiat palio stile 1.3 multijet. So now i am confused as which one to buy. Should i wait for the indica or just go for the fiat. please let me know thanks Sandeep