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  1. Even the bond car will have a 4 door version known as "RAPIDE"!!!!!!
  2. palio awesome car but bad after sales service so if you want good after sales service go for ford ,but if you can put up with avg service offered to fiat palio by tata dealers you can go for it as , its got the build quality , good fuel economy and pretty decent performance !!!!!!!! i have a fiat palio you can check out this post for pics and more !!!!!!!! the performance is not that bad as few people tell that becoz swift got electronic power steering so it feel light and easy for city driving and the swift is little lighter than palio !!!!!!! decide for your self Italian stile (FIAT)(proof see below)or American econo car (ikon)
  3. i forgot to add that alloys would make it look it more cooler!! Thanx man still searching for alloys that look awesome on this car !!!!!! But how much should i spend on a good set of alloys ????????!!!!! Any idea any one ????!!!!!!!!!! murlimonstar2008-11-06 16:13:50
  4. which is the other bike tat Suzuki is launching before this year ends !!!!!!! any idea any one ???????!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you all for your congrats !!!!!! Today sent the car for first service !!!! Still problems from the the showroom guys only one or two mechanics have been trained to work on the car so getting it tomorrow only !!!!!! My innova only takes just half a day to be serviced and returned to me by Toyota !!!!!!! This is why fiat is not doing well in India coz of bad service partner in tata motors, who still have to improve lots in terms of sales & service offered to fiat vehicles now only its so horrible with just one fiat model to sell think wat will happen when next year punto and linea are launched god save fiat !!!!!!! Seriously fiat should consider their own showrooms atleast in the metros for them to keep their customers happy or else they would have to shut shop here if they depend only on tata as of now !!!! Tata's atleast should be ashamed of them selves for such bad service offered to fiat cars when their own cars are running on technology given to them by fiat (the new indica vista running on fiat sourced multijet diesel and safire petrol engines ) !!!!! I think fiat is getting a raw deal in india by the tata motors !!!!!!
  6. actually its a tough one to answer !!!!! I love the brand FIAT and i like the palio's clean lines and minimalistic design and, the engine is award winning one so then, the interiors are old but well built and, space inside is good !!!!!!! So all things considered , I will recommend this car to everyone who wants a diesel hatch in tat 4-5 lac range !!!!!!!
  7. i was reading this months edition of autocar India where there was an article stating that apollo tyres were launching a new brand of alloys named accelere the pic on pg 19 of the alloys was really awesome !!!!!!!! should i go for alloys only or go for really wide tyres that look really awesome !!!!! ill have a look at the site thanks man vibor !!!!!
  8. It is true to some extent the showroom guys have a certain reluctance in showing you around the Fiat as compared to indica but there is no forcing you thing involved in it they just try to project indica as a better car when compared to palio !!!!!!! but we had already owned a tata indigo some time back so we knew tat tata vehicles are not even come close to the fiat in terms of reliability and the interiors of tata don't feel like they'll last for long !!!!!!! i like the fiat look better than the indica !!!!!!
  9. no budget set as of now !!!!!!!! but only thing looking for now is which brand will offer some kind of good warranty or something and which is the best brand available now !!!!!!!!
  10. sorry for this mess of pics i usually don't post pics so I'm really bad at posting pics !!!!!!!!