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  1. I had posted a query earlier too regarding a car with the max budget of 6 Lakhs but a lot have changed since then so I decided to make a new thread. Budget: 6-7 Lakh OTR (On The Road) Delhi price User: My Dad Driving Style: Sedate driver not an enthusiast. Doesn't care much about Handling, Torque...for him these are all technical terms not relevant to him. Preferences: 1. Performance & Features 2. Space & Ride Comfort 3. Quality & Class 4.Maintenance & Mileage 5. Resale Usage: 10k per year. Almost always in the city. Plans to keep it for 6-7 yrs. Cars Considered and Impressions about them: Fiesta 1.4 Exi (OTR 6.1 L after discounts): Considered the 1.4 ltr version because of the superior mileage as compared to the 1.6 . Brilliant drivers car, little cramped at the back. Did not like the noise insulation much nor the ride comfort. But the real turn-off is the bad resale value (checked on Carwale) ..I can easily recover the premium that I pay for the rest of the cars on my list. Maruti SX4 Vxi (OTR 6.85 L): Excellent features and performance for the money. Good resale and A.S.S as expected from Maruti. The cons are the poor mileage, and the poor quality and finish of interiors. When I am already stretching my budget and paying 7 Lakhs which is no small amount, I really expect something better. Honda City Exi (OTR 7.15 L after discounts): Good overall car with quality interiors and driveability in the city. But surely overprised and new model coming up so that could affect the resale. I have already considered and ruled out other cars like the Aveo ( coz I have one from the GM stable already...The Uva), Dzire (waiting period too long), Verna, Logan etc. I have to buy this car within the next weel so I cannot wait for any new launches or for the new City (as it is I am overstrethching my budget for it and the new one will be even more expensive). Fellow members please suggest which of these should I buy keeping in mind the preferences that I have mentioned. Thanks for your responses
  2. That's because although right now my brother (who is working outside delhi) and I (studying in a hostel but in last semester) do not stay in delhi, one or both of us could be shifting there soon so family outings would be much more common. I hope this makes more sense . I would like to ask the people recommending the Logan...I have read that the logan makes sense only if you go in for the diesel version and as I have mentioned it is not the preferred option for me, would you still recommend it or are you referring to the the petrol one?
  3. Sorry aditya i posted my second post after some time so i guess you didn't read it before replying...he is not much in favor of swift because of its back seats and its bold styling although i know swift is a car that most people recommend...any other suggestion please if you have. Also what are your thoughts about the Accent?
  4. A couple of other things I would like to mention...mostly 2 people will be riding in the car but back seat comfort is also very important so my father is not in favor of swift. He also had look at the Dzire today and did not like it much. He is not particular about a hatchback or a sedan and is open to both though in the favor of the latter, neither is he averse to a non-maruti as many are, as in delhi availaibility of parts is not much of an issue ( we own a matiz so we should know ). He is currently in favor of an Accent GLE with the option of fitting it with CNG. I have heard it might me phased out soon, if that is true what would be the repercussions of this? He has to take a decision by April end so waiting for any upcoming cars might not be possible. I have tried to explain my requirements in detail so that it is easier for you to recommend something although it might be difficult to answer with so many constraints. I would like to thank everyone taking out their time and answering this query of mine.
  5. I am putting up this question for my dad who will be mainly driving this car, so please recommend something keeping the requirements and taste of someone who is in his fifties in mind. He is hardly a driving enthusiast and things like out right acceleration and handling wont make much of a difference to him as he is a sedate driver. I am trying to list out his requirements in the order of preference. 1. Ride comfort 2. Cooling of the A.C. ( the summers in delhi are proving to be hotter each year and he uses A.C. a lot) 3. Space 4. Performance 5. FE and Maintenance costs Also his daily use will be around 50-60 kms in the city and yet he is hardly a fan of diesel engines so please recommend something in petrol first. The budget as mentioned earlier is max 6 Lakhs which cannot be stretched at any cost. He will be keeping the car for 8 years atleast.
  6. Hi Lokesh I am interested in buying the Aveo 1.4 and just read your nicely written review. Since I also live in delhi please let me know whether autovikas offered you any discounts or free accessories so that when i go there i am in a good position to bargain. Were the costs that you mentioned like teflon coating etc additional or included in the 6L that you have mentioned. Also if you can update your review with your experience since then it would be great as in your experience in getting the car serviced or any good/bad things you might have noticed since then about the car. Thanks Vishesh
  7. I am thinking of buying a new hatchback ( most probably the swift) when I happened to see this thread just now...can anybody please guide me as to why one may want to shell 60-70k more for this car when it has almost the same features as the swift except for probably a few extra centimetres in the back and a large boot ( which atleast I rarely use as my driving is limited to the city). P.S. Sorry for going off-topic but does anybody have an idea when is the new U-VA expected to come to India ? Regards Vishesh