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  1. ceramic will squeek... strange they shunt ... or am i getting confused
  2. adi1991 ... i think you got the imoort tax kinda comes round 90l ..... and no not an nri ... i knw it says uk in location ... but dnno how that cam..i live here only..newa ill think wat to do bout it...and if nuthin wokrs out than i guess its a porsche after all
  3. ya i knw....ya saw it on tube ... luky man .... bloody 2 year waiting list for a normal one and more than that for a customised one
  4. ya...just hoping that they deliever that car to india..or importing will cost me arm and a leg !!!
  5. no problem im still confused btw
  6. 5u3zEr0 ya i understand...the cls is more like a grand tourer....but srsly contemplating a porshce or the audi r8
  7. the TT nice to look at and all but is way overpricedd .. 55 lakhs on road ... not worth it ... round 90L to 1C
  8. Zavo...dint knw about the edit button...but below it says you can edit posts in this forum..newa ya the r8's beautiful and all but the thing has a 2 year waiting list..but i still dont mind waiting rssh ... ya i knw thats wat all porsche purists say but cmon its not jus a hardtop boxster ... a cayman makes the boxster look bad, i mean its lik a evolution of the boxster.. more refined, better handling,... the only drawback is that the cabins pretty thas why kinda ranking low .... was thinkinh 911 but thats houlier than thou expensive apart from the low end 911
  9. Zavo....suprisingly this time they are
  10. p.s. - i frgt to write im buying this car in india
  11. hey guys , love the magazine, alrie my query mtght sound a little out there but thats what the case is i want to buy a luxury sports car and kinda stuck between a few choices mainly - Porsche Cayman S , Audi R8 or Mercedes CLS .... ya i knw they all are a bit diff but im still confused .... any other cars you might suggest !!!! thanks for your anwsers