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  1. I had bought my I-GEN i20 last April. I am able to extract an average in the range of 14 - 15 on the crowded Delhi roads - AC on all the time. Highway - I have been able to extract 16-18 kmpl on Delhi - Jaipur - Jodhpur
  2. I am using the i20 since April 2012 (bought it a week after it was launched). Has been more than 1 year, but have found no major drawbacks in the car. The only drawback would be a "not so quick pickup" - although pretty nice for city driving. - AC cools pretty fast (I disagree with some posts in this thread about the AC performance) - Pretty spacious ( both legroom and the boot) - Very comfortable - I feel proud to own it !
  3. hi jasmeet .... u've got a nice collection of cars & bikes yaar...
  4. hi friends ... i am Jalaj Mathur . i am a computer engineer... basically from Jodhpur , Rajasthan.. i am preparing for MBA right now. I love to drive & make friends . & i like to know anything & everything about cars , bikes & mobiles . i also like to drive & make friends !!!!!