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  1. hi sudeepd ya as now my timing chain is changed so i not facing tickling sound...dont know about pick up coz havnt yet started rubbing its to limit earlier i used to get 40+ dont know about the current about disk plate i am again confused as some mechanic are telling me that its is bented n some are telling me its to make sure its bented or not n ya i ll make sure to check for the breather hole as per your advice..
  2. hey designersf you are bike undergone a lot of change like piston set +timing set n all = 8k but now bike is running like water...havent yet tested it top speed but the person there told me to come for service after 500km and after that i can rub it as i can...
  3. sorry zavo if my sms lingo bothered you...i will try not to use it anymore..
  4. ya u r ryte its smwata tickling type of noise..i ll change the chain but what ll happen if i didnt??? disk plate of front tyre i mean break disk of front tyre ya i noticed that my top speed is degraded...1st is used to ride at 120kmph but now i barely touch 110kmph n at this speed i experince back jerk like smthing is repitatevely pushing me backword how to check engine oil as there is no inspection window in avenger like pulsar thnks 4 your repllay
  5. HI GUYS M HAVIN BAJAJ AVENGER FROM 2YR(DONE 20,000KM)...nwdays m having probs in tht like engine sound while driving mechanics from different CENTRE told me THAT.. 1.ur timimg chain is worn off 2.disk plate is dishaped 3.chain is loose 4.chain is extremely tight 5.clutch plates are worn off now i realy got confused which is the correct prob now as my bike is in the service station of royal bajaj peera garhi..on 1st day there mechanic told me that your timimg chain is going to be changed...npw after inspecting bike he told me that there is a need to change cylinder+ piston+clutch plates+timimg chain=7k approx he told me that all this happen due to low engine oil level..but i hd noticd tht is past few month whenever i go for service..service man told me that i am not putting engine oil but i had alwaz did that honestly when i told that thing to mechanic there he told me that in ur bike there is high level of smoke emission(as my silence is partially broken) but i never noticed you people plz guide me WHAT EXACTLY THE PROBLEM IS...