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  1. There are quite a few on the market. Nippontronix used to be (and maybe still is) OE for Maruti. Advantage - no wire cutting, reliable, but not the cheapest. AutoCop is quite popular. Cobra (OE for Hyundai) used to be made by them. I had it in my Accent. Service is cheap - replacement of the central unit + indicator unit + two new remote unitss cost me Rs.2200 a couple of years ago. When the chap brought it over I found Ford also used their units. So take your pick. You can expect to have some problems in about five years even with the best of them.
  2. There are certain model specific points so it has to be a Ford OE drum. It is possible that they source these from sa major manufacturer (like Delhi, or Brakes India, or Girling, or whatever). You are not obliged to go to Ford but I am not sure what is the infrastructure in Thimphu. A good spares dealer should be able to get spares for at least 20% lower than the mrp. PS you do not have to send normal messages through the report route. There is the PM available for that. Also, no duplicate posts please.
  3. May I suggest that Dinesh & Vipul carry our their personal discussions on the PM channel. I totally endorse Cyrus and DD. May I suggest one word to DD. Replace safe by late. I recall one lovely sign posted by Himank (Border Roads Organisation in Ladakh). Better be late Mr Motorist, than be the Late Mr Motorist.
  4. Welcome Padam. You may be our first member from Thimpu. As far as spare prices are concerned the winners are Maruti, TATA (as you mentioned) and Hyundai.They have everything, volumes, very high indigenisation, excellent network.
  5. @TSiVipul; Two points 1. I know of the problems of Dual Carriageways Indian Style. The least one can expect is to move over once you spot faster traffic behind you. 2. With both lanes blocked how would you know that the road ahead is clear? On a prayer! Even more so when it is raining. If I am overtaking (or in this case, excuse the pun, undertaking) it is my duty to ensure that I can carry out the manoeuvre safely.
  6. @Bikeridder; Please search. There are quite a few threads dealing with your problem, mostly under AAA.
  7. One must drive carefully. One point not raised here at all, what was the truck doing in the RH lane in the first place? One must drive carefully, and try the anticipate the behaviour of road users. Also, in the wet be extra careful. If you do not have ABS (or in any case) learn Cadence Braking to reduce the risk of locking and sliding.
  8. @reddy; Do a search. The oil selection issue has been discussed in many threads. Look beyond the six months flag as well.
  9. Alloys will not increase consumption. They will improve behaviour in rough roads. Teflon coating in my view is a waste - PTFE is a soft material, and wears off pretty fast.
  10. sgiitk


    Welcome Sathya. We will like to have some more information about you.
  11. The member had started two identical threads, one with a poll, and one without. They have been merged. I personally feel such polls may not be the most useful. If in any segment there was a BEST car, then the others will be out of business. Car choice is based on many factors, and each individual has his own matrix of what he wants.sgiitk2011-07-11 06:18:59
  12. Why talk about marriages and the like. Over 30% of foodgrain is destroyed or rendered unfit for human consumption due to poor storage. I shudder to think what the percentage will be for perishables.
  13. Note to Advanced License Holders and higher Posting Pictures You can upload pictures directly, so need not look for a hosting service.
  14. There are multiple threads dealing with this. Please search and you will find. Also, this should be in AAA and not Indian Cars. Topic closed.
  15. Saw something on the box this morning to the effect that they have withdrawn the old one from the market - I assume this means zero or near zero inventory.
  16. Polo should be a good buy. Just check Welcome to the forum, on a forum you have no salutations and sign offs. Also, please introduce yourself in the appropriate section.
  17. Spent the last two days searching for ways to root my Incredible2. One (alpharev version X) is in beta and the other is a hardware based Chinese solution. Standard Unrevoked does not exist as yet. Need it to install a screen capture, and remove Verizon bloat. Also have some fun with Windows 7 64-bit. My CDBurner XP will not find the DVD Writer (tried both 32- and 64- bit versions). Found a quirk in the Keyboard Interface, It waits for the next character to be typed before it will show quotes, 'or ". Too clever for me.
  18. Do we contact Lady Penelope of Thunderbird fame!
  19. @TSiVipul; Before the hike I read/heard somewhere that every Rupee hike in Diesel will lead to a 0.14% increase in inflation. So what you say is in line with this.
  20. I only hope that some minister does not barge in with a long and eminently forgettable speech.
  21. Got my new Incredible 2 going yesterday. Dual mode CDMA and GSM (you select which is active). Excellent, far better built than Samsung's. fortunately, takes the same connector as the Sammy, so my second charger etc. are Ok. Now I have to figure out the Incredible access.
  22. The most cost effective fix will be to change the head gasket and seals. The head must be checked for warping, and if not Ok skimmed or replaced. If it is a warranty job then changing the engine is an option, but then all documentation will have to be changed, RTO permission taken, and the plates will no longer conform. So I will go for the head job! It is highly unusual to have to do this.
  23. Cars are often delivered from the factory with the Odo cables disconnected. I have seen this with both my Hyundai's. Also, dealers involved in the despicable practice of using new cars for demo also do that. I wish both ends were sealed. As for electronic odometers I have seen on AutoTrader that a retired car thief changed the Odo of a Merc by 50,000 miles, and then put it back. Supposed to have taken him only 5 minutes. with mechanical odo's at one time if you tried to doctor it by rolling it back 'lines' (whwtever they are!) were supposed to fall on the odo. So they learnt to just roll it forward.
  24. I thought this topic was about old age drivers, and not academic situation. So I will first address this issue. The average age of incidence of MI is declining, and even a 40 year old runs a significant risk, so the argument is a bit far fetched. Anyone can suffer an MI at the wheel, not necessarily a Golden Oldie. Yes, reflexes do slow down and the eyesight is poorer. But then experience helps in prejudging and avoiding most situations, may be not those created by rash and arrogant Sennas