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  1. I think banning diesels will be stupid.

    The original flap was caused by the M lobby using an NGO to try and ban T from launching. They got another NGO into their corner.

    Now everyone is rushing into diesels. Maruti apparently has a 3 months wait for the Swift LDi, Hyundai Verna is essentially a diesel, with the petrol apparently thrown in primarily to complete the range.We hear about upcoming Diesel versions of almost all cars.

    I think nowadays in terms of performance & reliability there is nothing to choose. The lower HP (in most cases) of Diesels is compensated by the far higher torque. Also, some states (incl. UP) have a higher Road tax for Diesels than for Petrols. However, for a low mileage driver (I do about 7-8k each on both my cars) petrol may be cheaper to maintain.

  2. FRG: I have managed to locate the letter from Hyundai, New Delhi dated 25

    September 2002 (HMI/CR/QR/1823), from Mr Sanjay Garg, National Customer

    Relations Manager.

    The paragraph relevant to Service Manuals reads, "Workshop manual has been designed for reference and use by the technicians / service engineers who have been trained to undertake the repairs and maintenance of Hyundai cars. It is recommended that repairs and servicing of Hyundai cars is entrusted to authorized Hyundai workshops who have the necessary infrastructure, tools & equipment and trained manpower. For discerning consumers like you, we have "Do it yourself" program, where in the customers are given training on simple maintenance and trouble shooting in case of any emergency. We have developed a special booklet titled" Do it yourself. A copy of same is enclosed for your reference which we hope you would find useful. We are also advising our dealer to enroll you for the next training course."

    I called up the gentleman and told him that after 27 years in IIT Kanpur (answers Roomy) I thought I was competent enough to handle quite a bit of work myself. I am an auto buff who likes getting his hands dirty. Sure enough he promised to See what I can do and  nothing came out of it.As for the DIY giude it essentially tells you to pump the tyres, and make sure the fluid are up to level.

    More important:

    1. Is it for the manufacturer to decide who is competent and who is not.If I have a car I decide where I get it maintained.

    2. Essential service documentation cannot be treated as a closed shop between the vendor and his family.

    I know what would have happened to Hyundai in the UK.They would have been fined heavily (at least) and ordered tor refrain from this unfair trade practice.

    It is sad that I was forced to go to Hyundai again in 2005. I neeeded and automatic, Maruti

    Automatics are pathetic ( I owned a Zen for 6 years), and after the

    Santro the first automatic is a City!

    Only in the UK for most cars Haynes manuals are preferred - more user friendly, often specifying regular tools instead of specialized tools, etc.

    May be Autocar should try and arrange to get Haynes Manuals into India, with  India specific supplements. Also, how about campaigning for easy availability of service documentation.

    My experience over the years about manuals has been - Ambassador (1977) - No; M800 (1987) - Yes, NE118 (1988)-Yes, Esteem (1996) - Yes, Zen (1997)- Yes, Accent (2002) - No, Santro (2005) - No.

  3. Why I made the remark was that I was reminded of a comment of a colleague of mine. About 20 years ago, we were in Delhi trying to scrounge some money for a conference. Hailing recently come from the the deep south he was shaken by the traffic. His comment - This is the partition mentality, i.e., a situation where jungle law prevailed, and it was everyone for himself. Civility took a back seat.

    Cause or Effect was a comment on road manners of all! Obviously if we overtake from the left the illiterate trucker cannot move to the left, or understand that you move to the left to be overtaken.

    Another niggle - if a fellow is willing to be overtaken then why does he switch on his right blinker. In the rest of the world he blinks left (i.e., I am on stcking to the left and am ready to be overtaken).

  4. Recently driving Delhi - Agra - Etawah - Kanpur on NH2. I found that truckers would not budge from the RH lane till after Agra. On the Etawah - Kanpur section they are far more cooperative and orderly, moving to the left as soon as see an approaching car (or at least after you honk).

    I an a regular on Kanpur - Etahwah on NH2 and Kanpur - Lucknow on NH25 (EW corridor). While on the former the truckers by and large behave, on the latter it is sheer bedlam. Cars overtaking indiscriminately from the left also contribute to the mayhem. cause or Effect?

    What happens - do our road manners become worse the closer we are to a capital?

  5. VFM is tough to define, with Price, Performance, Durability, Cost of Ownership, Quality of Service, all contributing to the appeal of a particular vehicle. Everyone has his own matrix.

    Looking at the lower to mid segment. Marutis tend to age better, while Hyundais offer better creature comforts. Fiats were supposedly fantastic with zero service, and so on.

    QoS can vary from Town to town. In most smaller (if 1 million+ can be called that) you may not have more than one (or at most two) dealerships. If you go outside then spares may take days to arrive.

    Overall I will vote for the Tata cars because by all accounts they offer fantastic value for money, and are relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain.

  6. One expects and accepts a few bad apples.In the cases reported the Alto was serviced in Lucknow, and the Santro in Kanpur. Different brands, different dealerships, different cities! The Kanpur Hyundai dealership in question is reputedly one of the best facilities. The basic fact is that until there is pride of profession staffers will cut corners.

    The boss cannot check everything, and the service advisers often know next to nothing.They were trying to sell me engine decokes, radiator flushes, etc. for both my Accent (4 years) and Santro (1 year) which went in together for service. On the other hand they did not carry out the requested brake fluid change in the Accent. When asked, the excuse was that it is not called for after xx000 km, irrespective of the fact that the previous brake oil change was two years earlier. Obviously he is unaware that brake fluid is hygroscopic.

    Incidentally, I have (if not destroyed) a letter from the Deputy Chief of Hyundai in Delhi stating that as a company policy service manuals are not made available to customers.

  7. How about service manuals? Except with Maruti (at least till about a decade ago) you draw a blank with Hyundai and others.

    The quality of service in upcountry cities can be pathetic.On our Santro almost 2 years down the line I found that the tyres had never been rotated in the three services by the dealer. This was discovered when I has a flat and saw the yellow band on the tread. Ditto on my sons Alto a few years back.

    This lack of proper service afflicts many brands.They are very keen to try and sell you a engine clean up, radiator flush etc. which are not needed (and may not be done!).

    One of the members of the legal fraternity should take on the manufacturers for unfair trade practice in public interest - no manuals, no spares, improper service, should be reason enough.