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  1. @DD; Also, remember in Europe Public Transportation, at least in major cities is well developed. So there is an alternative. What about us - zilch.Where the public transportation is developed and not overloaded - say Delhi private car use is declining. Mumbai and Kolkata PT is grossly overloaded, but still imagine all the millions who use PT on the roads.

    sgiitk2011-07-01 04:12:29


    65 age limit is very-very controvertial. Should have been 58 but the constant push by old timers' date=' Govt was forced to super at 65. As a matter of fact this duration cuts short many budding careers, un-employement is at an all time high.


    For acedemics, in-campus residences are provided. They should make use of those. This will save both accidents & FUEL(increasingly becoming rare & expensive commodity these days). Most Institutions provide pick & drop facilities from Home.[/quote']

    I am not in favour of 65 either, 65 came because of the increase in Institutions, and a resultant worsening of staff shortage.

    Where is the unemployment, at least in Engineering. Any Ph.D. or even M.Tech. in Engg will find work for the asking. All including IITs are chronically shot of manpower. State of private colleges is pathetic to say the least, with more that 50% BE's as teachers. Even old style Universities are feeling the crunch. I was shocked to learn that a couple of 75+ Mathematicians (they taught me in 1969-71) were back there as ad hoc teachers in my old Univ.

    As per GoI rules if you have a house in your place of work, then you are not entitled to any accommodation. Also, most places, incl. the new IITs do not have adequate housing. Pick up and drop - forget it in any sarkari institution.

  3. Sure if 18yrs is the minimum age' date=' 60 should be the max. A 5yrs relaxation could be given to the max. with a clause that someone who knows driving should accompny.[/quote']

    That is great. Academics in full time teaching retire at 65, so they need a driver (an increasingly rare and expensive commodity these days) in their last five years of service. I myself will be 60 in less than a year!

  4. Stricter drivers test will keep all unfit people out.But nothing is going to happen in this country

    IN Europe you get your license till the age of 70 and is then renewed every five years. There is no retest!

    One eye witness(nearby shopkeeper)told us that both the cars were

    going slow and suddenly the Accent turned and accelerated hard towards

    the Accord and hit it.I think granny forgot to put her foot on the brake

    and pressed the accelerator which resulted in the accident......

     I have known this happens with people of all ages. So let us keep the age out of it.

    ..... I am also extremely ignorant and rash

    too(there is no problem in accepting the truth)but hat I know is that

    my car is always under my control and same is with most of the


    The biggest misunderstanding. Firstly, a lot of accidents may due to the other chap.

     Even with one of strictest tests in the world data from the UK shows that the highest number of accidents happen between three and five years of learning to drive. The most likely reason - the driver has the confidence, but not the ability/experience.

    On the other hand older drivers tend to be slow (in the UK often referred to weekend motorists), much to the annoyance of  others. They normally drive short distances, home to market and back or the like.

  5. What about the rash youngsters. This is very difficult to judge and enforce. I remember that there was a discussion about this on the other forum. One young turk even posted a link of a motorcyclist slamming into the back of a car. When I blew up the flv file, the old men were on an autobahn or something, has clearly indicated that they were pulling right, onto the hard shoulder, were there, and got out of the car, and then the crazy comes and hits them from the back. Who was guilty? I pointed this out and the discussion just petered out.

    Incidentally there is a license expiry. After the age of 50 it is renewed every five years, subject to medical fitness (which as we know is a joke).

    sgiitk2011-06-29 11:16:42

  6. @GOLF: Watch and wait.

    The share price drop of RIM was reported by ZDNet. If the net value erodes by 80% so will the share price (P/E is the crux) esp. when there is no bright light in the future. The 20%+ drop as stated by you is over 3 days! I Guess gsmarina may be more reliable to some.

    It is common belief that Symbian is dying, forums not withstanding. Even you quote Nokia as stating that Symbian will move to mid-lower segment. Elop as Nokia CEO has signed an agreement with MS about Windows and is himself ex-MS.

    As for obsolescence any hot phone today will be near history in six months. You should buy what you need, making sure that there is developmental support for it from outside.

    sgiitk2011-06-25 04:17:09

  7. Great stuff. I join you all in the wishes.

    However, I just checked, he last logged in as FRG on 30/6/2010 and using his alternate id on the 29th May this year. As earlier mentioned he left ACI quite some time ago. Those of you who are on GH may have better luck there - same id!

    sgiitk2011-06-24 05:42:26