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  1. Let me add. duPont does neither make nor support Teflon additives for cars. You are better off with no additives. Honda does not even recommend Premium Petrol.

    Premium petrol is the biggest scam in India now. Under BS3/4 it should be 95RON. None is.

    I suggest if you have a feeling of some injector problem add System G once or twice.

  2. @GOLF: I think Nokia and MS have announced that in future all Nokias will be Windows. It may be interest that the new CEO of Nokia is ex-Microsoft.

    Now RIM is also in trouble - shares drop 80% in a year. So maybe we will only be left with Android & iOS as the major players.

    I just saw somewhere that the Motorola Defy is a good phone, and is also waterproof. The biggest thing is that Cynogen is now supporting it. 

  3. @drifty; aka NOIDA has NO IDeA as how to manage the water supply in the not too distant future. This is what led t the decline of gurgaon. As for Law and order in NOIDA I am not too sure.

    More seriously, I am thinking of something bigger than a few sq.miles - a state and not a town.

  4. I heard that a couple of ex-IITD chaps even managed to automatically detect over 95% of the current plates. The system is probably in use at IITD. I have HSRP type plates on by Civic. 

    Also, hopefully these, if and when they come will get rid of the local language pain. At the moment Meghalaya has them mandatory on new cars - they have found a goo way to avoid the RTO menace. You will not get your registration papers until you provide a receipt from Shimnit Utsch (the concessionaires). As per the current law all fixation has to be by the RTO!

  5. @Brn2Crz: good idea but the water flow demanded by a pressure washer is huge. The filter will not permit enough flow, and then the safety will cut in preventing high pressure. I have a Karcher bought in 1991 so have some experience.

    IN addition to the washer one thing I find very useful is the drain cleaning tool.

    sgiitk2011-06-21 04:14:45

  6. Welcome to Mera Bharat Mahaan. After 64 years of independence the govt is in capable of giving the citizens power, clean water, good roads, and safety. maybe we should look for some places in India where we can get these. My wife is so disgusted by all being crooks, that she has stopped voting. I try and find the least crooked!

    In Ulta Pradesh power situation this year is slightly better - elections in 2012.