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  1. I upgraded from a 1GB RAM to 12 GB RAM and from a Core2duo to Sandy Bridge.

    I am sure you meant 2GB, since 32-bit will not support over 3GB. Also, found out a few new things about 64 bit. Win7 has separate language files for 32- and 64-bits. Found one old app (WinQVT my old favourite VT220 emulator) which will not work on 32-bit. Had to search and download 64 bit Net Gadget, the one in the gadgets in the pack will not work! Had fun installing my Samsung 4300 MF device.

  2. "DD; everybody is out to fleece you. I never go to the car dealer for tyres or battery. Here it was a dead battery, but I will just add a quick test to do.

    I get all the batteries which have been changed when the fault was elsewhere, I guess I may not get to the moon but at least halfway across the globe. Here is the recovery test. Put a voltmeter across the battery. Check that it is 13.2V+. Disconnect ignition and crank engine for 30 secs. Voltage should not go below 6V. Now within a minute it should recover to 11V+. If this happens then there is a 90%+ chance that the fault is not with the battery!

    Spent the day migrating to my new i5. Now able to work, and writing on that. Full migration will take a le3ast 3-4 days. A big improvement on my old Quad Core!

    sgiitk2011-06-17 09:51:44

  3. I do not insist on attendance' date=' but then if you fail, do not come to me for mercy.[/quote']

    Such 'subtleties' may work in a premier institute like IIT where you get the creme de la creme, but else where it will lead to appalling results.

    Agreed 100%. Only some (about 10%) of my colleagues actually announce it. Many colleagues face the same apathy. I am fortunate to still have 80%+ attendance is my course.

    In one UG Core course, they were missing classes, were warned, and did very badly in the mid-sems. The instructor (incidentally a PGM holder and reputedly one of the best teachers in IIT) get the Dean to send letters to their homes about poor attendance and performance.  80+ out of 150 failed. All hell broke loose when the result was released. After all passing is our birthright!

    If you come to the class and fail then it may be that the subject/exam is too tough. If you do not attend then no excuses!

    Busy since yesterday, setting up my PC Upgrade, 1TB, i5-quad core, 4 GB. Goes like lightening. Will take today and maybe tomorrow.

    sgiitk2011-06-17 04:28:03

  4. I still will not recommend it to anybody - reason the three month service intervals. If Honda does not have confidence in the City then why should we. Maybe the engines are cardboard. Also, even with the Civic the dealer is pestering every three months (actual interval is 6 months), I care two hoots about these calls, but find it hard to keep my temper.

  5. @saabjeet is probably in a place like Oxbridge! Attendance not compulsory, and classes are taken as a harmless adjunct to the serious business of learning. However, if you mess up your periodic essay and/or discussion with your tutor God help you.

    I do not insist on attendance, but then if you fail, do not come to me for mercy.

  6. I do not think this is viable. One thing left unsaid, Use No.2 for the upgrades.

    Plus point - avoidance of the road tax on accessories. Minus - not as good a fitment as from the factory. Often more costly that the factory, since the prices of the add-ons will be retail. Also, fitment may not be that good/neat. Also, bear in mind some things like alloys, fatter tyres are even costlier in the aftermarket, since the original stuff will have to be sold off/

  7. @Sgiitk:

    Sir' date='are you sure you haven't ever mishandled your laptop,because the battery failure in Acer(Twice in 2 years!!)is simply unbelievable(if worked under normal conditions).I have seen a lot of Acer users around me(I am hp type)but none of them has faced such problem.I think you love experimenting with the batteries(please ignore if possible,its just a light joke)....smiley36.gif [/quote']

    There seems to be a problem with this particular series (3810, 4810, 5810) ultra light, first laptops with 8 hour battery life ...  My son has worked his way through three (Acer Service in Manipal checked the laptop out),  two colleages 2 each, so it is a genetic problem. Issues with pre-Sept 2009 are documented. Have now put in Lapcare 440mAh (original 5600 mAh) which is cheaper and has a one year warranty. I have had laptops since 1998 and have changed battery only once in the past - HP 6226 after over 2 years since it was not holding for that long. I had a Toshiba which I kept fo 5+ years with no battery change - saw real rough use trackside in the summer with no coolers or anything. Good to know that other Acers are Ok. My son has an official 5742 so will keep an eye on what happens.

    sgiitk2011-06-12 04:00:04

  8. Also, I heard that they are looking at Modiland! I sometimes wonder whether the workers in Haryana wish to commit hara-kiri. There was an incident when a top management officer was killed in cold blood. I am sure that Mamta will also be keen to get them to move. Industrial militancy killed  Kanpur industry about 30 years ago!

  9. @sg can you kindly tell me what the water pump is????and what it pups?i do know that it is turned by the ambelt1

    In every water cooled engine there is a small pump, driven by the belt which circulates the water from the engine into the radiator and heating system. If this packs up then the engine will overheat since the hot water is not pumped out.

    The good  'ol FIAT was notorious for blowing a water pump every two years or so.

  10. I personally think for any normally driven car what the manufacturer designs in is enough. Problems may arise, due to failed water pumps, failed thermostats, failed switches for the cooling fan, fan motor failure and also badly clogged radiators / condensers. The latter are quite common, and a good pressure wash may be all than is needed.