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  1. Mr. moderator please don't push your political agenda here

    I can reason all your queries but won't do that because this is not a forum for that. 

    Pray, may I know where am I pushing my agenda?

    Please identify the post and the part of the political message, or withdraw your comment.

    --Duplicate word removed.

    sgiitk2011-06-07 04:00:09

  2. @Durango:

    I have a doubt about the engine' date='its okay that the engine is doing good job in Swift and SX4,but won't it be underpowered for a UV?[/quote']

    Underpowered: see the old Amby and the FIAT - under 40bhp. Add CNG (further loss of 30%). So it is a matter of perception. My old Esteem (Carb) was 65bhp and the Zen AT (Carb again) 50 bhp. The chap who bought the Zen immediately put in CNG. He was still happy with the car.

    Of course who cares if he becomes a moving chicane!

  3. A lot of discs and the like are going cheap, due to impending introduction of USB 3., I does not matter whether the computer supports it or not (my desktop is still USB 1.1) but people must have the latest and greatest. A month ago in the UAE USB 3.0 HDDs were all the vogue.

  4. My objections are

    1. Why this midnight crackdown?

    2. If sec 144 is imposed then there is normally some announcement (on a PA system) before the police action.

    3. Attacking women and children and then denying any attack. One lady paralysed in all 4 limbs due to a brutal attack on her spine (apparently crushed in the beating), and a  few more in the ICU.

    4. How can you cancel the permission, and crack down immediately.

    Sounds more like the Russia of  Stalin. Midnight knocks, etc. Or maybe the Saddam, Qaddafi and co. The sight of Sibbal narrating in glee, was sickeningsmiley7.gif

  5. Congrats on the new mount. The pics have not come through, normal since you may not have posting rights for pictures.Waxing is a process with which you protect the paint surface from the elements. It should be done as soon as possible, and once the surface stops 'beading' you should do it again. Beading is used to describe water not sticking to the surface, but just standing in beads.

  6. Once you put in a mineral the softening process starts immediately. Also, the oil cannot be purged out totally. With water the biggest problem is the lower boiling point. So drive gently. Once the gentleman told me I was also sceptical. On second and third thoughts I caught the logic.

  7. The Hyundai dealer is wrong.  Never' date=' ever, never add water to the brake fluid.  Brake fluid is hydrophilic (it loves water).[/quote']

    All known. In any case if you have lost hydraulics the system will have to be purged, etc. You have missed the point, The roadside oil vendor is almost certain to sell you some fluid with a mineral content. This will damage teh rubber parts irretrievably. So as  get me home measure water may be preferable.

    This gentleman, who is around 80, ran the best garage in Kanpur for well over a quarter of a century, before he took up the dealership. I argued about the hygroscopic nature of the hydraulic fluid, etc. with him, and you have the gist of his answer.

  8. I used to carry many items. Modern cars make them (oil filter, air filter, gas filter (and tool), a/c filter, oil, brake

    fluid (#4), hydraulic fluid, timing and/or accessory belt and tensor) redundant. If you lose brake fluid or any other hydraulic fluid the advice from a Hyundai dealer - fill/ top up  with water, and do not trust the roadside oil shops.  I just carry the car tool box and a cross brace. Undoing the wheel nuts with the standard L-brace is difficult.

  9. Having driven all sorts of hardware in India and abroad for almost 40 years, the first time I was scared of reversing was in 2008 when I had a loaned City. I tired to park it at night, and just could not see behind. I have a habit of looking through the rear wind-screen when reversing, but the high waistline put paid to all chances of seeing where I was going. I left it about two feet from the kerb.

  10. If there will be sidewall damage then it will happen irrespective. Sidewalls are not that fragile. Yes they are (by design) weaker than those in cross-plies, but I hear that India specific tyres are slightly stiffer as well.

    Let me say that I have faced this only once. It was a low profle tyre on an MG Maestro and got damaged due to gravel in the driveway. This was in the UK!