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  1. Just few minutes I've also cleaned my Room Split AC's(AZURE 1.5TR) filters' date=' etc as its cooling wasn't seems to be satisfactory w.r.t the last year when it was installed.

    DIY with EF Vaccum cleaner & l'll bit of washing its filter mesh.

    & Now its working absolutely fine. [/quote']

    One thing which you may need a few years down the line. I was having a lot of problems with inedequate airflow/cooling and everybody was at sea. Then a real old timer and guru showed up. After struggling with the normal things he opened up the front cover of the indoor unit. This is not normally done, and involved undoing some screws. Lo and behold the blower blades were clogged. A quick cleam with a brush and things were back to normal. The problem is than in normal servicing/maintenance you do not open the unit to expose he blower.

  2. The Hitachi RAV518ERD list is 29,990! One notch down RAV418ERD is 27,880. Yes, there are cheaper models, even Hitachi has Kaze, Quadricool, etc. Past experience suggests that Window units last well over a decade, and electricity is not getting any cheaper.

    Splits are not that maintenance free. I wanted Window only! Next year when I replace my bedroom unit (split) it will be another split.

    sgiitk2011-05-25 08:55:57

  3. @sgiitk: Keeping cool. hy didn't you go in for a split?

    I am old fashioned. Window units are easier to maintain. Also, actually it is a two way movement. The children's (if you can call two docs, an LLM and an MBA that!) room has a Videocon 1.5TR unit. This goes into the guest room (replacing the 1.5TR assembled window), and they kids room gets the new one.

  4. I do it by hand. A sponge to spread it (incidentally it came with Formula 1). Allow it to dry (you get a white film on the car), and then polish with the microfibre. Total time about 45 minutes.

    First time round it is takes longer, since the sponge does not 'flow'. Do not polish too hard and you can expect about three months out of it. My test is that it should 'bead', i.e. repel water.

  5. Already the truckers are threatening strikes if diesel goes up. Agreed diesel will (unfortunately imho) remain cheaper than petrol for the foreseeable future. If you price fuel on calorific content then diesel should be more expensive. It is costlier in Germany, UK, US, but not in France (farmers + truckers lobbies).

    I will go for the i10 Kappa with my eyes shut.

    sgiitk2011-05-25 04:03:05

  6. I had an argument with a cow returning from Lucknow. The mirror came loose (the bottom clips). I did not push it back hard enough - needs a real good shove.So it popped again, and then fell and broke. I am not sure whether they have just changed the glass or the glass and holder. I suspect the latter, since more often than not the holder loses one or more of the clips. The mirror is fixed inside this carrier with double sided tape. This this is clipped into the mirror housing (two hooks at top, and two clips at the bottom). Smart arrangement since the full mirror assembly with the repeaters, power movement, etc. must cost a bomb.

    Gave it the Collinite treatment this morning, after returning from my walk.

    sgiitk2011-05-25 03:55:37

  7. @BF; This time I think I will got for the Idemitsu 0W30 synth from Honda. I pay only for the 3,67 litres I use, and that too at under 1k/litre. At present I am on Mobil 1. I agree most things are distance dependent but in many matters time may over ride - like brake fluid 2-33 years, coolant 2 years (normally, I do not know what fluid Honda uses, but they talk of 10 years/200,000km).






    BornFree2011-05-25 03:30:07

  8. Yes it is under 10k. There was a totalling error in the mirror - Actually Rs.516! I remember about two and a half years ago I had to get the mirror insert of my Accent - cost about 400-450. Also, as I had put in synth at the last service there was no oil change. Next (20k) service will involve oil change as well as air cleaner change. I am attaching the invoice


    sgiitk2011-05-24 10:34:44

  9. Having owned the Accent and still having the Santro (i10 precursor) and a whole series of Maruti cars since 1987 till 2005 I will say that Hyundai cars though more conservative have a definite edge in absence of  rattles and minor gripes. Of course every car (even a Rolls) needs periodic care. My experience is that Hyundais are as inexpensive as equivaltnt Maruti's to maintain, and are far less of a hassle.