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  1. Remember the old one. One chap asked the 'guru' how come all the best sopranos are fat. Pat came the reply," Unfortunately, those who sing like birds eat like horses, and who eat like birds sing like ...."
  2. Thread closed; There are many threads dealing with his. MODS
  3. Threads merged again. Mods sgiitk2011-05-20 04:03:57
  4. @naughtynavin; You are being naughty by making three successive posts in a gap of five minutes. If you do thids again you may face moderator action.
  5. A three potter with a 30 degree gap between power strokes will not be as smooth as a four. I look forward to fives since this is the point where power strokes start overlapping. You can try and smooth out things with counter rotating shafts, heavier flywheels, etc. but then inertia will slow down the throttle response.
  6. @rahul; expect another Rs.5 on petrol soon. As per the box of the Rs.63 per litre only Rs.30 goes to the oilco. So it is the govt profiting every time the price goes up (all levies are a percentage).
  7. In my view buying an engine with its legendary power to weight ratio, and then emasculating it by 10-30% is a no go. But one is entitled to his own view.
  8. All I will suggest is that take to the service centre pronto. It may be just turn out to be a bad sensor. However, if not then better get it fixed.
  9. Also, today the rupee has breached the informal 'Lakshman rekha' of Rs.45 to a $. Indeed a very efficient government. They could have reduced the taxation, and then the pain would have been less. sgiitk2011-05-16 10:13:16
  10. @ashikawa: Just one additional point. You must be insured through Skoda only!
  11. It is not that they cannot technically, they definitely can, but will they drop a cylinder. The short answer is highly unlikely. Honda are prized for their smoothness which a 3-cyl job will lose. If you put in a heavy counter balance then the response suffers.
  12. Converting a Honda to run on LPG (even more so CNG) is sacrilege in my view.
  13. I heard the BPCL Finance honcho on TV this morning claiming that another Rs.5 may be expected in petrol.As per him petrol pricing breaks even at $102/bbl (I guess he is referring to Brent), while Kerosene breaks even at $25!
  14. I am closing this thread. The title means nothing. The title should specify the price range, and possibly type of vehicle, etc.
  15. All Android users : Check out Juice Defender. A boon to reduce battery drainage.
  16. Rs.5 was unexpected, and IOC is threatening more. Two obvious conclusions: 1. Free pricing is a myth. 2. Cartelization laws do not apply to PSUs. sgiitk2011-05-15 13:35:39
  17. We do not encourage dangerous road practices. Members have complained. Thread closed.
  18. I will say it should be either in the 60A bracket or the 100A bracket. I will expect the former.How about checking up in another car. Also, the manual (if not users then service) has the information. Ask the workshop to check. sgiitk2011-05-14 09:53:06
  19. Anything other than a Skoda is to be preferred.
  20. Just watching the tables on IBN-Live and India Today.
  21. I think the fuel price deregulation is a big joke. If the OMCs have to look at the papa in South/North block then where is the deregulation (currently supposedly for petrol)? Also, saw reports of some bigwig commenting that Tata & Mahindra are lobbying hard to keep diesel prices far lower than petrol!
  22. I looks perfectly fine on my laptop as well as the desktop. Am requesting bf to check out on his system.
  23. Threads merged and renamed. sgiitk