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  1. Fabia - Any user experience

    Sluggish wrt to throttle response. Absolutely, till I discovered that the way to drive it was to drop a gear before even thinking up accelerating.
  2. Pre Monsoon Car Care

    I have found the perfect way to get it to rain torrentially. All I need to do is clean up my car. Works much better than a rain dance!!!
  3. Fabia - Any user experience

    I know. It is supposed to be the best feature of the top variant!! Anyways, pleasantly surprised with the positive reaction of the dealership.
  4. New Suzuki Splashh!!!

    The hundredth post!!
  5. Petrol or Diesel?

    I guess it has to do with the perception that diesels with their rattle is harsher on the body, and also the perception that a diesel, as it gets older gets costlier and costlier to maintain. May not be true for the newer oil burners, but our used car prices do derive some basis from perception also.
  6. Fabia - Any user experience

    Maybe the ZXi, since it has 185s. But since I have not driven the same to any great extent, I cant comment.
  7. Choose the colour of your new car

    So basically it is a shade of blue?!! I can't think past 8 colours!!
  8. Fuels: CNG

    Look at it this way. LPG costs you about 3 rupees a km or maybe more in a 1 lit engine. . My CNG Alto used to cost me about 75 paise a km. If that is not due to the benevolence of the Petroleum ministry, I don't know what it is!!
  9. palio multijet or swift diesel

    That would depend on the size of your shoe! What I mean is, it is not difficult to handle the surge, once you know it is coming, and the surge is not so bad that you need to be left-foot braking all the time.
  10. sipani dolphin

    Any particular reason you want to saddled with a headache? Or maybe just a suicide wish?
  11. Pre Monsoon Car Care

    That is a nice bit of advice!!
  12. Petrol: The costliest & cheapest nations

    Real nice article. Thanks for the link.
  13. palio multijet or swift diesel

    In stop go traffic, you rarely hit the rpm at which the Turbo kicks in!! Had the vehicle for a good six months, and was in love with every nut and bolt on it. Have transferred my affections to the Fabia now!!
  14. Fuels: CNG

    And incidentally subsidizing CNG too!!
  15. ugly d'zires??

    Maybe the JLR effect will bring in some improvement!!
  16. Choose the colour of your new car

    Can someone tell me what colour turquoise is?!!!
  17. Price hike or Ration...which do you prefer?

    Problem is, unless the subsidy on Kerosene is also not done away with, we will end up with higher and higher quantities of Kerosene in Diesel, and Petrol too. That would be hell for most vehicles (Except the Yezdi!!)
  18. Hello All

    It is amazing how a bike of a generation nearly gone by can still keep up with most of the new gen offerings! If there is a fan club for the RX100 on this forum, count me in!!
  19. palio multijet or swift diesel

    The sudden surge after the turbo kicked in was one of the quirky things in the Swift Diesel that I loved!!
  20. Fabia - Any user experience

    Well, I guess the road behaviour could be a result of the shoes the Fabia sports. In the interests of cost control, the Diesel sported the skinnier 165s, and that in comparision to the lower profile 185s on the Fabia does make a difference. I do no it because I did manage to check out the envelopes on both, (not entirely on purpose!!) and the Fabia came out better.
  21. Hello All

    Welcome Abroad!! I have real fond memories of the RX100, which I had in college and the first few years in my career. You are a lucky guy to be still holding on to one!!
  22. pics of my new Scorpio VLX

    Congratulations!! Many miles of happy driving!!
  23. Images from Hyderabad, Goa and Mumbai

    Looks like you had a great time!! Looking forward to more snaps.
  24. Fabia - Any user experience

    Is the GC all that bad? I have never had a problem yet.