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  1. I guess its only in India that Skoda has a snob value to it. Coz as far as i know, the western world would rather not be seen with an East European car.
  2. Hi, I have Chevy Aveo 1.4. The warranty will expire shortly, and so i can think of some experimenting. What basic mods can i do to improve its performance? And what will they cost approx? Regards Saurabh
  3. Hi All, Am a new entrant here. I have a 1.5 yr old Chevy Aveo 1.4. I was wondering what changes can i do to improve its performance. Some basic pointers would help. Also would these changes be reversible, since another 2 yrs or so later, i'll be passing on the car to my parents, and it should not be a problem for them to drive comfortably. Regards Saurabh