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  1. @ Archit & Siddhant: When you post successive posts within a short interval make use of the "Edit" feature. This will avoid multiple posts. @4.5 lakhs, i10 is clearly the best choice.
  2. Plainly because of the reasons given for the recall!! Nothing more nothing less.
  3. I would definitely wait for 4-6 months after the launch if it's a Tata product. Their track record is just not good.
  4. Nice review Cyrus! Pics would have really spiced it up. I simply love this car but feel it's way overpriced. Hope i get it as a christmas gift
  5. It is the booted version of the punto but it is not "just a booted version" of the Punto . It has its own character unlike the Dzires and the Indigos of this world!!
  6. Yup. The Linea and the Grande Punto will decide whether Fiat will stay in India or not. Both are in my wish list, not immediately but in the near future. Hope they stay here for good!!
  7. That's just horrible . Thank god the driver is safe.
  8. Hey, the Letters or group of letters that indicate a model doesn't necessarily are an anagram of something. They are just indicators and may not "mean" anything.
  9. Hi All, My Elantra needs a new set of wiper blades to weather the ravaging coastal rains. Which one should i go for? Is there any particular brand which provides a superior performance or stick to the OE ones? octane_1002008-08-13 08:42:29
  10. Seems like the positioning's going to be on the 'Q' word! Let's see how this works out against the Civic.
  11. The Ford Mondeo is a good package and at a price tag of 17-20 lakhs and with a good diesel, it will be a driver's delight. However, the average Indian goes by the 'BADGE' and don't think many people will be willing to shell out so much money for a Ford saloon.
  12. octane_100

    Car Vandals

    It would have been tit for tat if you had done it to the same person. But since the sufferer here is some one else (i am assuming this, please correct me if i am wrong) i don't know how it is justified. However let me add that I am not judging you here and don't take it personally.
  13. octane_100

    Car Vandals

    Here are some of my experiences: Broken ORVM - twice on my Ikon Scratched paintwork Scratched Windshield There was one more incident: While our Elantra CRDi was still brand new, we were travelling towards Tirupati and when passing through a village in Tamil Nadu, some small boys threw a stone towards the car which left a small dent on the Driver's door . octane_1002008-08-12 06:04:42
  14. Vibhor, I think this statement was made sometime mid-2007. Not very sure how relevant it is since they have not done anything on Mondeo even after a year has passed by.
  15. IMO it's too high up for a sensor. I think it's a washer.
  16. Did anyone notice the headlamp washers in the print ad! IIRC only the Skoda RS had that. octane_1002008-08-11 10:26:40
  17. My my! I don't know what's the bonding between Skoda threads and the 'Mercury'. It just shoots up! FRG, your assistance required in cleaning up this thread please!!