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  1. Agree with you. No point in going back to the same points. Let's discuss only the "recall" and nothing else.
  2. Probably the "ambient light" and the white alloys will make the car look go faster!!
  3. The point here is not about making mistakes. Everyone does mistakes and it's commendable when people realise it and then come out in the open to accept it and then rectify the mistake. It applied to Skoda as well. But the point people are making is the "type" of mistake. Skoda is in India for more than 4 years now and it's more than enough for some one to know the conditions. The mistake they have done clearly shows that they are either plain dumb to have not learnt any thing from their experience here so far or they are just arrogant and do not acknowledge India specific requirements. octane_1002008-08-11 06:31:17
  4. Just a thought going in my mind. Since Toyota doesn't seem to be branding the new car "Corolla", will we see a say 1.6 ltr Corolla to battle it out with the Fiestas and the SX4? Is it possilbe?
  5. octane_100

    New Corolla

    The new Altis(Corolla) will be launched on Sep 5th . Just saw an ad on The Hindu.
  6. City's interior is definitely attractive and is of a higher quality wrt the competition. The Fiesta runs the city close on the quality and feel of the materials but the design itself is subjective. City is a great car to drive on city roads but if you are looking for some spirited driving in your car, then you will be disappointed with the City. Its steering is light and hardly has any feel. If you are fine with it and the fact that you would be buying a model that is going to be replaced in a couple of month's time go for the City. I would still prefer the Fiesta.
  7. As i said before, the details on the Linea are very sketchy. The engine options will depend upon how Fiat would want to position Linea. To comment on its efficiency and all will be pure speculation and i don't want to do that. One thing's for sure; if you are looking for a fun to drive petrol, you probably cannot get a better deal than the Fiesta 1.6 as of now. So if you like it, go ahead and buy it.
  8. Rumours have it that the Linea will be launched around Diwali, i.e. October. If discussions in other notable fora is anything to go by, no one is quite sure on the specs as well as the pricing. But in all probability, there should be atleast a couple of models(if not the top end) available with in your budget(i.e. if Fiat doesn't want this one to bomb). Also, the Linea is much larger a car compared to the Fiestas and SX4s. So if one of your considerations is space, it will definitely be worth it to wait for just a li'l bit longer.
  9. I would suggest you wait for couple more months. By then the Fiat linea will also be out and you can evaluate that as well. Among the current crop that have been discussed, as a product i would vote for the Fiesta 1.6. It's put together well, offers decent amount of space, comfort and now offers safety equipments as well. Above all it's a hoot to drive . However, service won't be all that good and spares will be costlier. octane_1002008-08-08 11:42:38
  10. Sorry to bother you guys with some mundane, trivial things when you are discussing about THE city. Hey Sree...btw wat's the OTR Price for your 1.2 Ambiente?
  11. While we are talking about spares, here's a titbit which might interest you folks. A fellow TeamBHPian lost one of his plastic wheelcaps when he hit a pothole. When he wanted to replace that he was quoted an amazing Rs2,300/- by the dealer!!!!!!!!! That's the price for a single wheel cap. I am just wondering if Skoda is spelt 'MERCEDES'
  12. @sg.. sir Don't you think the city is a tad too underpowered(unless it's a vtec) to be used as primarily a highway car?
  13. In my opinion, it's better for newbie to go for a used car especially when one's in a city like Mumbai. A dent and a scratch on a new car will break one's heart. So get used to driving in rush hour traffic and once you are confident that you can handle them all go for a new one. Until then a used Alto VX1.1 or an old zen should be a good choice for you. But once you buy it, keep it atleast for a year else it will be waste of money. Enjoy your buy and drive responsibly
  14. Grande Punto for me too!! Stylish car with a gem of an engine and it's ITALIAN
  15. I think this price rise was the "surprise" which Skoda chief was mentioning in the interview with ACI!!!!
  16. No, i stayed away from the Indica. as i mentioned the ergonomics are very poor. I bought myself a sparingly used Elantra petrol. I am not sure how many people loved this car so much as to buy both the diesel as well as petrol version!!! octane_1002008-08-01 13:52:52
  17. I test drove an Indica Dicor a couple of weeks back when i was hunting for a car around 5 lakhs price point and i was surprised at the improvements Tata has made! This was my first try at the Indica after i drove a turbo diesel a year ago. the finish seemed tolerable and the biggest improvements in my opinion were the gearshift and the engine. The engine felt refined and responsive. My only grouse was the ergonomics, especially the awkwardly placed throttle pedal which gave my foot a pain with in 5 mins!!!
  18. As per ACI, the Xover concept will be called the Indicruz. I think it was there in either Jun or Jul edition.
  19. Oh Guys!!!!!!! Did you forget the Laura!!!!