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  1. Dear Vibhor, they have already given it the facelift and also a new name in India!!
  2. What i meant in my earlier post is that it bears too close a resemblance to its cheaper(and older) sibling and there is little differentiation in terms of looks except for the size and the headlamps. When i would be spending close to a lakh more i better get something which looks different!! I am not saying it's a bad car and my comments are entirely based on what i have seen in pics.Hope it does look better and fresh in flesh. octane_1002008-07-31 14:01:41
  3. It has something like a 90% match to the existing indica in terms of looks. It's not a good thing in my opinion. I wouldn't buy it. octane_1002008-07-31 11:52:31
  4. i10 kappa would be the best choice. However, since the A-Star launch seems to be round the corner wait for a couple more months and have a look at the A-Star before making your decision. If you don't want to wait, then you cannot go wrong with the i10. PS: Just wondering, these days such queries are being posted in the 'Car & Bike Talk' section. Shouldn't they be in the AAA section?? FRG?? octane_1002008-07-31 09:36:49
  5. I couldn't have agreed more!! If they want to make sprotier cars they can do it with their other classes like the CLS and others. They are spoiling the understated, executive and elegant image that one associates with the E
  6. @srvwiz: Mate, your question is too open ended. You should first do the thinking as to what are your requirements and what are your top priorities, the must haves in your car and the things on which you are ready to compromise. You are just throwing open a big and inconclusive debate by just specifying your budget.
  7. Because they have to dump the existing PDs somewhere right!! Which can be a better place than India!!
  8. Laura has got horrendously expensive spares and servicing costs. Also, it's got a PD engine which is on its way out. Go for the Magnum.
  9. I think we are just having an explosion of it. Sometimes I feel that the forum is not in Engish at all. FRG please to stamp down hard on it. I think none of the forum members should reply to posts which are not in proper english. What do you folks think? Is it feasible? Sorry for going off topic. Since this issue came up, thought of responding.
  10. I somehow didn't like this new design!! Feel that 'Elegance' is missing from the E!!!
  11. Rising the price might be Skoda's way of increasing its "Brand Value"
  12. Don't go for the UVA as there are rumours that it will soon be getting a facelift. However, it does trounce the i10 in terms of space and ride quality. Interiors are a big disappointment and the engine lacks grunt.
  13. No, not at all!! You are absolutely right about the savings and also, the spares and servicing cost of the Optra will be less than that of Civic. If you are conscious abt saving your penny then Optra is definitely the one for you. PS: please read the forum rules. SMS lingo is not allowed in the forum.
  14. Since you want to keep the car for a decade it's better you buy a car which is modern and also will be more comfortable and offer better features. Stretch the budget a bit further and buy the i10 kappa. If you are going to finance the remaining amount and spread it across a 7 year period it will hardly have a material impact to your EMIs!!
  15. 40-50 km a day is really not in Diesel territory. Also generally the petrol cars have lighter contols (haven't driven the Optra though so cannot comment specifically on that) which makes them better to drive in slow moving city traffic. So i would say go for the Civic if you are not fixated on a diesel. Else just sign your cheque for the Magnum.
  16. The Mini, Beetle and the 500 have a loong and unique history behind them! I am sure many of us here understand that and are also excited to be a part of that by being able to possess one. But it's sad that being able to be a part of history comes at a big price in India!!!
  17. You got me wrong i guess. I like the airiness and the design per se of the getz... they are much better compared to swift. But i liked the earlier black and aluminium finish on the getz. Though the beige colour scheme is good, the wood finish feels very cheap. I am actually livid at Hyundai that they killed such a fine car with some irrational pricing and lack of equipment (both petrol and Diesel) Regarding the i20, it's difficult to comment on that since there is not even a single pic where you can see the car properly. But if i30 and i10 are any indications, it surely will be a car worth waiting for unless the bean counters at Hyundai get their act together octane_1002008-07-28 05:40:54
  18. I would say stretch a little and go for the Optra. If you cannot stretch then you cannot go wrong with the Verna either. It's a nice car with not many vices!! octane_1002008-07-28 05:24:34
  19. I think you would do well to go for the Swift diesel. The Getz CRDi isn't a VFM proposition; it's just too overpriced. With so much power on tap it lacks any kind of safety equipment. Also, the interiors have been made worse with the fake wood finish. Only areas it scores over Swift is in terms of ride quality and space.Go for the swift VDi with ABS.
  20. The creator of the thread hasn't bothered to come back and answer wether he owns a diesel or a petrol one. I guess no point in continuing this discussion.
  21. I don't know what's the fuss abt 0-100 times. You hardly get to test these things in real time traffic. What matters in real time traffic is in gear acceleration, and see the times yourselves for Sonata and Laura. And the majority opinion in the forum if some one points out a mistake abt a 'hallowed' german or a czech marque seems to be that "How can you say something like that!!!??? Don't you know it's GERMAN!!!"
  22. Facelift looks pathetic . Raise of just 5k?? I think the price raise won't be less than 20k at the least. Toyota and Honda don't need a reason to raise prices in India