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  1. Did the 300 km stretch from mysore to mangalore a couple of days back in my new possesion... an Elantra GT smiley1.gif.

    First thing i noticed is that this thing handles much better than its CRDi cousin which  has a heavier steering and rolls a lot. Though it is still no where near to an Ikon, it is more than adequate nevertheless. Road grip and the brakes are superb. I got to test this on several occasions during the journey since it was pouring. The drive was comfortable and the engine has lots  of power in store. After nearly 150+ km of twisty roads i still came out fresh and stress free and also did the journey in a quick time. Overall it was a fantastic drive!!

  2. @Octane100. Is the figure 198mm the practical figure or the official figure. 


    Those are the official figures. I don't know the practical figure smiley5.gif.

    But however, having driven that for a considerable distance, i can vouch for its clearance (not the figure but the sufficiency of it).

  3. Fusion TDCi has more than adequate performance for city and is a nice cruiser on the highway. It's got a GC of nearly 200mm (198mm to be precise) which makes it very useful on our highways. Interiors are also quite spacious and flexible. All in all it's got almost all the advantages of a SUV without being too bulky or thirsty. Go for it if higher spare prices and not so good service is okay with you.

  4. What is VW doing with itself?? I am confused which car they would want me to buy if i am looking at a price tag of 15 lakhs. I can get an Octavia L&K, Laura Ambiente and a Jetta all at the same price point!!!! Have VW heard something called 'positioning'??? I am still wondering.....

  5. Nice account there! Exactly similar feelings here. I am a proud owner of a Crdi and with in a span of 18 months i have covered 50k kmsmiley4.gif. Whenever i take it on to the highway i feel this must be the most underrated car around and it's a pity Hyundai doesn't make them anymore!! I like the way it eats up broken roads and it's an absolute delight to own. Here's wishing many more years of motoring nirvana!!!

    From one Elantra owner to another smiley20.gif

  6. Oh ....but why are u interested to add same car to ur range...try something different....I know u r getting good deal and car is good but i were there i would definately try something new and make my collection a good one...


    I know... but i am thinking of selling off the diesel within the next six months and replace it probably with a Laura...

  7. The waiting time as quoted by the dealer in my city is 7 months!!!! and it seems he asked some 50k to be paid (non refundable) as booking amount!!


    I think i read somewhere that Maruti is shifting to a new facility some time this year, where the yet to be launched A-Star and Splash are also going to be produced. If that happens expect supplies to improve and a reduced waiting time!!

  8. @Speed:

    If you look at the spy shots there is a Splash  'VDI with ABS' version visible.

    I am not sure they will plonk the same 1.3 MJD in the splash. May be they will wait for a smaller diesel to be developed by Fiat. Also, i think Splash is slightly smaller than Swift. Anyway i feel you should decide after having a look at the Splash smiley20.gif



  9. could u pls tell me what type of problems would i face because i'm getting the ikon just for 1.7 lac with the car clocking just 45000 kms .


    • Bad fuel efficiency: I get as little as 8kmpl  these days with a light foot on the gas pedal.
    • A/C is not very effective.
    • Spares are expensive
    • The Ikons have a peculiar tendency to develop problem with the ignition. You turn the key and nothing happens. This problem particularly has been very frustrating with even the service guys not able to figure out properly.
    • Brakes are the biggest let down. With all the power and handling, you will still be scared to use all of it simply becasue it won't stop in time.
    • Handling deteriorates with 5 on board.





  10. i am keen on buying an ikon for going to college . could someone pls tell me what aspects should i look at while buying it . it is the 1.6 nxt 2003 model .


    Just check if you have enough bank balance to maintain it smiley18.gif.  They are problematic machines. I am telling this from my own experience. Try a City Vtec instead (Old one)

  11. The  Ingenio looked smaller than an Innova. In fact in one of the spy pictures there's an Innova just ahead of the Ingenio. The Ingenio' date=' I feel is just a little bit larger than the Bolero.


    With the kind of size Anjan is suggesting, i wonder where the third row of seats will fit in (which is crucial for a people's carrier) and how this can pose a challenge to the Innova??!!

  12. Whoa!!! Why isn't anyone debating this?Why are the automags and all the authorities silent on this?

    FRG, 325i....  surely u guys must have had a knowledge of this. Is there any substance in this? Can you guys please clarify??