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  1. Hope the wait for this one is worth it.... but in the pic it doesn't look as big as an Innova; Anjan, can you tell us how big/small it seems in flesh?
  2. Hmm i think it would be.... historically the Autos have been targetted as Premium+... so Honda would feel if it's an Auto that a buyer wants then he would pay a premium and would neglect even if a manual basic version of Civic is available for the same price.... mind you, this is what i think would be Honda's logic, that too if they price the CVT City on a premium to the Civic E.... Not mine.... i would go for the civic... just for that snob value at least...
  3. Really? forget looks, they are subjective; but i don't think Maruti can come close to the build quality of hyundai, be as safe as one and also offer the same level of plushness and the interior quality. When they can't do it on the 14 and odd lakh Vitara, they cannot do it on a 4 lakh odd car. It might become a success (purely because of India's obsession with small Marutis) but i can bet i10 will be the better car overall.
  4. First of all, when Ford was about to launch Fiesta, I was expecting a bit more. I was expecting a sedan with better styling, little more interior space (say in the league of Optra) and definitely better interiors than what my Ikon had to offer.... I was disappointed when they launched primarily by the Styling, size and the asking price for that combination. Also, their spare prices were still high and service still not up to the mark. Now, with this facelift, they have lost a chance for making up for all this;of ocurse they couldn't have grown the car into a bigger one but they could have definitely launched the new Fiesta which is being introduced all over the world!! Ithink they should learn more than a thing or two from the Honda guys who have refreshed their model lineup in terms with their international offerings!! If they don't, clearly Ford India is going to dogs.. But having driven the Ikon for nearly 7 years, i want Ford to succeed.... and i am now pinning hopes on the Focus...if and when it will be launched
  5. The recent launch of Civic E @ 10.8 lakhs is an indication of perhaps what might be the ceiling price for the G3 Honda City.......
  6. Should have added an 'Others' option as well... Sorry... had not noticed the 'Southern Region' Btw I'm from mysore... currently in Mangalore....
  7. Should have added an 'Others' option as well... Sorry... had not noticed the 'Southern Region' octane_1002008-06-27 06:03:15
  8. In no way an estate is better than its saloon counterpart... be it in performance, aerodynamics or braking. Infact it's possible that it suffers a bit in all these departments due to its size and shape. The only advantage they provide is of space and space utilizations in terms of carrying luggage..... you can carry odd sized luggage and also more of that... this is the primary reason why such vehicles are popular in US... because of their lifestyle... Estates help them in their shopping junkets as well as camping and all such activities that the Americans love to indulge in... Since such a lifestyle is not popular in India and also since we equate status = boot, estates hardly sell in India...
  9. I don't know if you can get a Pete's box for a petrol vehicle.... do u?
  10. I will buy myself a used Mahindra MM 450 or a Classic, soup it up to the hilt and buy a new Swift VDi with ABS and soup it up as well
  11. I think Spark can be a worthy option as well.... it handles and rides better than both the cars in contention here and is available on discount... Also now there is no Santro XO and the present range topper GLS is sparsely equipped...
  12. The interiors as usual looks cheap and may be these ones will rattle straight out of the showroom
  13. I don't think it was because of the 4X4 option (there was none)... it was may be because the combi came only in one variant... the top end L&K...