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  1. Even i think we haven't bought many estates simply because there weren't too many which looked appealing.... though the Altura looked better than the Baleno sedan it still hardly was a looker... and also it had a steep price of 9.XX lakhs.. which put it in the same league of the Lancers and the Astras... I think only estate which met with some 'success' if you can call that... was the Corsa swing... i have seen quite a lot (more than the other estates of yesteryears) of swings on the road. It had cute styling and wasn't overly bulky or large.... And with Marina, Tata has a strong product (i feel this is the best looking among Indica family...) and if you compare it to other estates i should say it's doing quite well....
  2. This is really a welcome ban... I hope we see such things being implemented in India too.... atleast in my lifetime
  3. Don't think this will be coming in a hurry... toyota's immediate attention would be on launching the new Corolla and also perhaps providing a facelift to the Innova (as speculated by lot of people)
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    that's the i30... AFAIK i20 pics are not yet available anywhere.... except for the spy pics which show a heavily cladded i20...
  5. Definitely looks better than the one shown in ACI...... but still no where near civic in terms of styling..... but guess it will play its part as an upmarket,mature, executive sedan without much fuss..... if they plonk a nice diesel and price it rationally they would have already found a buyer
  6. A site claims this to be the reason for the increased output: "Even though the 6.5-liter V12 is claimed to produce 10 more horsepower (now 650 hp) at the top end, this is not achieved by any modifications to the engine but by dyno-testing and carefully selecting the better performing engines from the production" Source: http://www.autozine.org/html/Lamborghini/Murcielago.html Couldn't control the curiosity so went on a 'googling' spree
  7. A Ford Ikon 1.6 Zxi and a Hyundai Elantra CRDi. Had booked a Ford Fusion TDCi to add to this range but had to rollback that decision because of my career shift...
  8. Kindly refer sgiitk's last post... his father and wife don't like the swift....
  9. I think while the Corolla loses out on design flair, it more than makes it up with more practicality.... with its higher seating, Ground Clearance and better space (according to ACI)... also Corolla always had a good ride quality which is all the more important in this part of the world.... octane_1002008-06-23 14:23:14
  10. With Swift out of the picture i would have gone for the Getz 1.3 since it is well built (though not as well built as the Fabia, but then it doesn't cost a bomb to maintain), is reasonably fuel efficient, and has good amount of space.
  11. I would prefer to go for a Swift Zxi, especially since now it gets an integrated music system and also steering mounted audio controls which are a first and unheard of in this segment.... of course all these in addition to those safety features which are not available in the VDi version..
  12. I would also feel going for an Optra Magnum D LT and a Swift Vdi ABS would meet all your requirements. Else you can choose one among Sonata Crdi (which is spacious and is excellent on the Highway), Laura and the Captiva
  13. It's been there since the first Elantra sold in India . @DD: anyway, i own a CRDi Elantra and i've tried running the car with TCS off but havent been able to record any significant improvement in FE.
  14. 15 lakhs + 6 lakhs for a san storm = 21 lakhs You could have bought urselves a really hot Skoda Octavia RS and a Maruti swift Diesel Now even if the storm looks like a TT.... it will be only show and no go Don't take it personally... but i fail to understand the logic behind the mod.... if u had created ur own design and made it look exclusive then it would definitely have been money well spent!!!
  15. Hey folks, both the story and the thread seem to have disappeared from the face of this site... any reason???
  16. All modern engines can handle E10 (which is a little more abrasive than petrol) without any modifications. Manufacturers are just explicitly stating that now to cash in on that.