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  1. The only cons with Pajero that i can see are dated interiors lack of top end grunt. Apart from these it handles well, rides well, is the better looking (imo) and is a reliable machine. I think Pajero takes the cake here...
  2. Personally, I don't like the SX4 because of its poor build and hard suspension. It's the stunner among the lot and offers a lot of goodies. But still.... at the end of the day i feel short changed because of the above mentioned reasons. Aveo.... .except for the rich interior there is nothing worth mentioning. Fiesta has some what dull styling but you can say it looks elegant and understated. The 1.6 and the TDCi both are very good engines, one being a delight to drive and the other being very frugal. It now offers goodies which can be comparable to SX4 on its top end model. Got good interiors and has a comfortable ride. But it is marked down by seemingly poor service (i've always had good experience with the ford guys though) and expensive spares (but they have been quite reliable for me) and poor resale (haven't tried selling yet). City... looks futuristic, even after a model change, it won't look dated, got classy interiors, good fit and finish, comfortable interiors, excellent resale value, good reliability, refined, smooth, responsive yet frugal motor but is let down by lack of safety equipment. If you are willing to compromise on the lack of ABS and Airbags (which I don't reccommend) then it's definitely the City. Else, I would personally go with the Fiesta.
  3. If you can wait for a while then the Linea is definitely worth it. Even if you can't wait, i wouldn't reccommend a Dzire..i just loathe it.... saw a black ZDi in M'lore.... the car's a joke....really...
  4. Ford Fusion+ TDCi.... it's got everything that your friend needs...oh except for an airbag ........in that case a Fiesta Diesel should fit the bill....
  5. And coming back to the topic, i don't think SX4 sales is going to be affected by the Diesel Dzire. Before the Dzire came there were already competent diesels like Fiesta, Verna and the Logan and still SX4 has held on to its position. Also, ppl who buy the Dzire and the SX4 will be completely different lot....
  6. I would say a Swift would give u much more snob value (if it can be called that) than a Swift DZIRE anyday.....
  7. The other 10% are that of Skodas themselves!!!!! They are meant to go to dogs by the virtue of their name!!! I was just kidding... And AdityaM, abt than letting one's hair down, it looks more like ppl have got their gloves on!!! Anyway i just wish this forum doesn't go the way of our parliament and upholds democracy!!!!
  8. I agree... the specs of the new Lancer as per ACI April is good enough for spirited driving on our roads. For the price of an EVO u can buy a Petrol and a Diesel Lancer each
  9. If you are not in a hurry then you better wait for the new Corolla. Civic is a terrific product but loves to caress the ground time and again which makes it irritating on our roads.
  10. Hey guys, 90% of the threads have gone to dogs because of skoda bashing and invariably all discussions end up @ Skoda. Can't we just refrain from that?
  11. I think it should be either a Getz (1.3 since u have the budget and is reasonably fuel efficient) or a Logan 1.4 which meets all your requiremnts. Accent's rear isn't all that comfortable but it is a worthy option nevertheless. My reccommendation would be to go with the Logan.
  12. I think u can also consider a Fiesta 1.6 SXi which has an ex showroom price of 6.9 and now comes with Airbags as well...along with ABS and and a 6CD changer and other goodies..... Fords have expensive spares no doubt, but having owned two Ikons (very high spares cost among midsizers) i 've not had to change any thing of either of them apart from the routine maintenance. Fiesta is a superb driver's car and also rides well.
  13. @sgiitk If you don't want to reveal the answer to every one just as yet, kindly PM me the issue(or rather the solution)... I'm really very curious
  14. Unfortunately there is no "decent" diesel sedan for 6 lakhs. There is the Indigo which is spacious, comfortable and cheap to buy and run but is hugely unreliable and is as crude as a dinosaur. Then is the ""Dzire"" which is plain ugly, has hardly any space to be called a 'true sedan' (i think the boot is bigger than the rear seat ) but has got a gem of an engine, is reliable and is backed by Maruti. If ur friend can live with lack of refinement and niggling problems, then the Indigo is a better bet(simply because it is a true sedan and not a pretender). If he can stretch his budget then nothing can beat the Logan. Else he is stuck with the Dzire . Just to give another option, if he is ok with a petrol he can check out the Logan and the Accent.
  15. Errmmm...calling it a very good brand is an understatement