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  1. Hi Ed., The pricing is really aggressive and it has to be seen where would this leave Logan and Indigo (of course they offer more space and comfort...but u never know). One worthy challenger for this would be the revamped Ikon (as per your reports) especially if it comes with the 1.4 TDCi engine. In my opinion, it still looks better than the Dzire and is a well integrated design.
  2. This is a confusing car!! The front and the side profile looks a bit like the Cervo but the rare is steeply raked like the Splash!!! Wonder if this is one more "hybrid" job like the Dzire
  3. Since you are primarily driving in city traffic i would say stick to City Automatic. It's got a super efficient motor and is also refined and is user friendly. Also it's not too big to be muscled around in bumper to bumper traffic.
  4. Yeah it's a nice package but there is still no airbags and no music system either.... that would really make it comparable with the Fabia....
  5. Oh boy!! This is sure gonna hot up the premium SUV market!!! I think even if they launch a relatively stripped down variant now, later they'll come up with a fully specced version once demand picks up. Now, if only we get some decent SUVs at this side of twelve lakhs
  6. I would go for the fusion. Space, ergonomics, higher ground clerance, frugal and responsive (negligible turbo lag) engine, flexible interiors, and it's really a delight to drive with good handling and body balance. We've had couple of Fords in our family and those are really nice machines with hardly any maintenance required. Spares are priced higher but i hardly had to change any of them. One of our Ikons have run for 150000 km and there is hardly any rattle yet!!!!
  7. I don't think it can quite match the Logan even in terms of looks... at least it's an integrated design and doesn't look ungainly...
  8. If you can. you should wait for the Punto... it will really be worth the wait.... i also am waiting for the same ;-)
  9. Hi folks, This is Octane. Have been a visitor to this forum from quite some time but because of some problem with IE could not register. Finally found some time to download Firefox and here I am!!! Right now this forum seems to be divided among Skoda lovers and haters and I don't belong to neither of those categories... My family has owned a couple of Opels (Astra and the Vectra....) a couple of Ikons 1.6 and currently am driving an Elantra CRDi...the car i am sooo much in love with.... Here's hoping to be a part of this forum and have loads of fun.
  10. I don't know why it should make you sick. The overall interior design is nice and the purple back lit looks really cool at night. My thought process was exactly the same as Durango.. when i bought my Elantra CRDi.... it's got superb performance and at the same time is refined and economical....haven't had any problems watsoever till now (have run nearly 50k) and its ride quality and grnd clearance (188 mm) are all first rate Sorry for going off topic but i really love my Elantra And yeah.... Skoda Fabia is Pricey.... too pricey infact....