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  1. Hi Ed.,smiley1.gif


    The pricing is really aggressive and it has to be seen where would this leave Logan and Indigo (of course they offer more space and comfort...but u never know).

    One worthy challenger for this would be the revamped Ikon (as per your reports) especially if it comes with the 1.4 TDCi engine. In my opinion, it still looks better than the Dzire and is a well integrated design.

  2. Well' date=' its just not the steel industry to acquire an Overseas company, TATA steel who acquired Corus Steel, the largest deal ever an Indian company to acquire an UK company. The Auto Industry has stuck the next largest deal, TATA Motors to buy JLR (Jaguar & Land Rover) to an estimated price of $2.65 bn. Well the sign off is expected tomorrow once London wakes up for the morning.

    Experts believe that TATA is paying slightly paying more than the actual worth of JLR anyways its the TATA group who has done it again to acquire an UK company.

    After the acquisition, TATA motors can really be an international company having the product range from basic Nano to luxury Jaguar and Land Rover!


    Congrats Mr Ratan Tata, Way to go!!!


    Actually work for Tata begins now.... buying them was the easy part; running them successfully is the tough one!!

  3. I am posting this for the 'guru's to try their fixes. This is a story from the past and actually happened.

    We were driving from Reading (UK) to Grenoble (France) a distance of over 750 miles. A senior colleague was in his BMW 2800 and I in my Escort 1300' date='  both carburettor.Things started normally. At some point in France the BMW lost performance. It would not accelerate, and refused to go much over 70mph. Also, it was smoking a bit. I ended up baby sitting the BMW for about 300+ miles, and we got to Grenoble. There was no obvious fault under the bonnet, all plugs etc. were Ok, and on idle the engine would rev nicely.

    Any ideas about the fault?


    Was it anything to do with the altitude? because of low pressure at higher altitudes your colleague's Beemer must be running a rich mixture (correct me if i am wrong) with too little air... hence this problem???smiley24.gif

  4. As far as possible try to avoid a newly launched Tata car. History shows that there will be lot of gremlins and  would need lot of improvement. You should wait for atleast two quarters after a Tata is launched. So if you can wait you better wait for the Grande Punto. Unless Fiat screws it up (in terms of pricing' date=' equipment etc) will be worth the wait. [/quote']


    I agree... you need to wait for some time before you buy a new TATA....

  5. Theres a new model to the fusion called fusion plus and had ABS with 20k less in price its well worth it.


    Yeah it's a nice package but there is still no airbags smiley5.gif and no music system either.... that would really make it comparable with the Fabia....

  6. I would go for the fusion. Space, ergonomics, higher ground clerance, frugal and responsive (negligible turbo lag) engine, flexible interiors, and it's really a delight to drive with good handling and body balance. We've had couple of Fords in our family and those are really nice machines with hardly any maintenance required. Spares are priced higher but i hardly had to change any of them. One of our Ikons have run for 150000 km and there is hardly any rattle yet!!!!

  7. Friends! Is there any people in this forum using MARINA Dicor or any experience with MARINA DiCOR??

    If means' date=' kindly give ur opinion about it especially engine (CRDi), Mileage, Suspension, smoothness and BUILD Quality.
    I need review of Latest version of LX (CRDi) only.[/quote']


    If you are on the look out for space, comfort and low running costs may be you should consider the Logan Diesel. It's not a station wagon but it has a large boot and also a big and comfortable cabin. It's a much much better package than the marina.

  8. Welcome aboard octane. Another Elantra CRDi owner' date=' we have a GLS review already. Maybe you can tell us in a review in the reader test section how is the CRDi to live with.




    I would be glad to share my experience with my Elantra...smiley1.gif  will do it one of these days

  9. Hi All.... I am sad to say that the Business side of

    the year 2008 is expected to be sluggish. There are too many reasons

    spotted behind this and reasons are only adding more. So will this

    affect our Car market in India?

    Nano is expected to be released and the used car market has already started to feel the pinch.


    So if economic recession will reduce the new car sales' date=' less

    demand means more price, so if someone is planning for a trade in, he

    will loose more money while selling his old car and pay more while

    buying a new car!!!


    What say ppl?

    Errmm Harry i think u've got the demand price relationship wrong.... if

    there is a slump in demand the prices actuall are going to fall... but

    one thing you can't predict at this time is the movement of interest

    rates..... because on one hand there is less economic activity 

    and on the other hand there is high inflation.... lowering interest

    rates will result in a higher inflation... so it's actually a catch22

    situation..... in my opinion the best time should be early next year or

    something by which time all the 'bad' blood will be taken out of the

    system and we'll be some what near the 'end' of the recession which

    will be the most conducive period for consumers especially with low

    interest rates and low prices...

  10. Hi folks,

    This is Octane. Have been a visitor to this forum from quite some time

    but because of some problem with IE could not register. Finally found

    some time to download Firefox and here I am!!!

    Right now this forum seems to be divided among Skoda lovers and

    haters  and I don't belong to neither of those categories...smiley2.gif

    My family has owned a couple of Opels (Astra and the Vectra....) a

    couple of Ikons 1.6 and currently am driving an Elantra CRDi...the car

    i am sooo much in love with.... Here's hoping to be a part of this

    forum and have loads of fun.smiley1.gif

  11. Well atleast it has customer satisfaction .Do you like the

    low seating and odd aircons it makes me fell sick.

    I don't know why it should make you sick. The overall interior design

    is nice and the purple back lit looks really cool at night. My thought

    process was exactly the same as Durango.. when i bought my Elantra

    CRDi.... it's got superb performance and at the same time is refined

    and economical....haven't had any problems watsoever till now (have run

    nearly 50k) and its ride quality and grnd clearance (188 mm) are all

    first rate smiley20.gif

    Sorry for going off topic but i really love my Elantra smiley4.gif

    And yeah.... Skoda Fabia is Pricey.... too pricey infact....